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  randiZ25  |  0

sad face to your comment... but way to hurry up and be the first, to bad you didn't gain much, just a bunch of negative votes and smart asses ( like myself) commenting on how lame it was..
cue onslaught of negative votes..

  Veraymix  |  6

Lure him over by cooking him a delicious meal! Why should you have to go to his house? Have him come to yours!

  Iamnotmyself  |  17

-116 Do not feed the trolls anything but hate, or merely just say google. But if you want trolls to get more comfortable near humans to where they start eating our trash. What happens when they start coming into our towns, raping our churches, burning our women? Huh punk? Your gona say "I was only helping" well too late, too late.

  Alwayspullout  |  7

It makes sense... You could see him once every day, but if you texted him twice a day you would then text him more times than you see him. But when put like that, it doesn't sound very unrealistic or weird at all.

  kristylew03  |  1

137- I agree with you. Unless she's talking about the actually number of hours spent texting, in which case it would make more sense to just go over there. But otherwise it makes sense to text more often.

  MrSassypants  |  32

26 I actually like that you stopped being a grammar Nazi... well hopefully... and started actually commenting and noticing the FML a little more... even though you still corrected 2 it is okay.

Banana muffins.

Sorry I try to be a little random and each of my comments.

Look! Two different sized question marks! ??


I know!! she's so lucky and she's wasting it!!!! my boyfriend lives on a different continent than I do, so yeah I text him more than I see him, I'm not God, I can't swim over 10,000 miles!!!!

By  ariannaimelda  |  7

That's the problem about technology nowadays. People would rather talk through phones than speak face to face. Just walk over to his house it's not even a block away. There, problem solved!

By  CateXOX  |  0

Is that his fault or yours? I'm thinking you could probably get off your ass and make an effort to see him, even if he's not making an effort. If you can't be bothered to walk a few yards for your boyfriend, you should probably reconsider your relationship.