By Emily J. - 18/06/2011 00:31 - United States

Today, I realized that I text my boyfriend more than I see him. He's my next door neighbor. FML
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Then get the hell away from your computer screen and to talk to him or something. I mean why the hell not if you live 15 seconds away?


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sad face to your comment... but way to hurry up and be the first, to bad you didn't gain much, just a bunch of negative votes and smart asses ( like myself) commenting on how lame it was.. cue onslaught of negative votes..

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op, u need to get out more o_O

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Get off your lazy ass and walk over to his house then.

Get up, shower, and put something spunky on. How about a Brown Bear costume with nothing underneath? It just seems like you need some spice in your life.

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Lure him over by cooking him a delicious meal! Why should you have to go to his house? Have him come to yours!

Look at the bright side, your one step closer to become another mindless zombie like me! We should hook up, if your any good at smexting.

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What is OP? *points shotgun at you

OP stands for 'Original Poster', the person or thing who published the story.

-116 Do not feed the trolls anything but hate, or merely just say google. But if you want trolls to get more comfortable near humans to where they start eating our trash. What happens when they start coming into our towns, raping our churches, burning our women? Huh punk? Your gona say "I was only helping" well too late, too late.

lol randiZ... congrats on all your negatives and mr sad face wins again. don't be upset that you were 13.

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It makes sense... You could see him once every day, but if you texted him twice a day you would then text him more times than you see him. But when put like that, it doesn't sound very unrealistic or weird at all.

137- I agree with you. Unless she's talking about the actually number of hours spent texting, in which case it would make more sense to just go over there. But otherwise it makes sense to text more often.

#119 I wonder how a church can get raped. Figuratively, I hope?

No, have you ever seen a trolls dick? Trust me, it is not a little pebble.

152- no, I haven't. Thanks for finally alleviating that question from my mind! :D I O U something for that

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119 purposely mixed it up like that . It's supposed to be burn our churches and rape our women

Then get the hell away from your computer screen and to talk to him or something. I mean why the hell not if you live 15 seconds away?

take a hint… maybe he doesn't want to see you anymore

19 well if he goes outside and turn his head slightly, he would see OP... well if OP was outside too.

26 I actually like that you stopped being a grammar Nazi... well hopefully... and started actually commenting and noticing the FML a little more... even though you still corrected 2 it is okay. Banana muffins. Sorry I try to be a little random and each of my comments. Look! Two different sized question marks! ??

44 - How the hell is that even possible?¡¿!

if I lived 15 seconds away, I'd be at my girlfriends as long as I can stay over there!!

58 I have a Chinese keyboard on my iPod that gives me a different sized question mark. 8) ??

relax, she lives in the US and we are all lazy

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omg hacker... double question mark

what if op lives on a farm and her neighbor isn't for miles!?

well seein as op stated they are neighbors most likely next door is a few yards away

I hate relationships like this so much. if your gonna go out with someone atleast make an effort to hang out!

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I know!! she's so lucky and she's wasting it!!!! my boyfriend lives on a different continent than I do, so yeah I text him more than I see him, I'm not God, I can't swim over 10,000 miles!!!!

It's their relationship, not all are the same. Maybe they feel more comfortable this way. If both like it then there's no need for all of these rude comments.

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I read ur "about page" .. u forgot Nikki minaj

I would kill for my girlfriend to live next door

That's the problem about technology nowadays. People would rather talk through phones than speak face to face. Just walk over to his house it's not even a block away. There, problem solved!

when I was a boy, we didn't have no fancy-shmancy technology like all this "texting" what's up with that?!

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That was the FIRST thought to hit my mind: The OP and her BF must be brainless teens, certainly younger than 15 and in a sexless relationship.

It's people like you that are responsible for social maladjustment in today's society. Watch a movie with him, at least

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Is that his fault or yours? I'm thinking you could probably get off your ass and make an effort to see him, even if he's not making an effort. If you can't be bothered to walk a few yards for your boyfriend, you should probably reconsider your relationship.

I know people that make that work somehow lol but hey at least you don't have to worry about gas money, go over there and keep him company :)

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Get your ass up, and go over there?

Exactly, I don't really get how this is an FML I mean why doesn't she just walk over to his house rather than post this.

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I think you are way too obsessive with txtng

at least you can't get pregnant that way.

I heard you can contract hearing AIDS if you have phone sex. Thank you, Cyanide and Happiness.

that's going to be an awkward break up.....

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no it won't cuz they will just do it by text :-)

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