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I fell from the sky. I was sent here with one purpose: to create classical and comical comments on FML. "They hated me. But their hate only fueled my passion." Now, if you make a stupid comment, you better be ready to back it up. If you comment with one of the following, I'm going to ruin you. : "First!" "That's a shitty situation." (Or any "shitty" pun). "Haha!" / "LOL." "YDI for [stupid unrelated reason]." "[Women in kitchen joke]." "[Comment that is impossible to read]". "You spelled [word] wrong!!" You best be watching your back. Some experienced users on FML: •DocBastard •Sirin •every1luvsboners •Perdix •Didi Don't screw with them. They'll literally tear you apart. (In addition to a possible Coca-Cola bottle up your arse.) Enjoy FML!

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anonymous4991 tells us more.

From the poster: I fully expected to a lot of "you deserved it" I just thought it was too funny not to share with the world. Yes, I was talking about petting an actual feline. No, I do not talk to myself while masturbating or have regular conversations with the cat. My neighbor's porch is a couple feet from my window and I can hear all of their conversations too. I am dating someone and have gotten laid recently. I think it is hilarious they put it in the "intimacy" section.