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how feminine of him

I guess guys can have feelings too, but what kind of guy turns down sex?


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well I totally agree with him

if your relationship revolves around sex and you feel that offended when he says no, then your relationship is a lie. you should be more than just F*** buddies. seriously. ydi.

ops such a pussy..xD

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Veraymix 6

You could have phrased it better, yes. Maybe he's the sensitive type. Or, maybe he feels it's all about you. Make it about pleasing him next time!

Op - I have some bad news... your bf is gay :( sorry! The good news is you have a new best friend :)

op's bf is a vagina

I can honestly say I spent at least 5 hours a week without a single sexual thought for two of my HS years.. It's what happens when your 50 year old Calculus teacher doesn't wear a bra. My testicles just retreated back into my body from the thought of it. And in the winter months? Forget about it. I was unable to think about sex for a few extra hours. Anyways... I used to jokingly tell my ex that she made me feel like a piece of meat.. But I did it with a hand on one hip, the thickest lisp I could muster, and sometimes threw in a z-snap, so.. Mine was obviously acting as much as a stereotypical girl as I could.. And I still let her have her way with me.. Your boyfriend's odd. Unless you always act this way, and only care about his looks and dick.. In which case, I can't say I wouldn't eventually get annoyed. Maybe. After a year of it.

youre retarded.... that wasnt the point of their relationship jerkoff

Crap, sorry, my reply was supposed to be to #4's thread. Must have hit reply on the wrong comment when my iPod magically scrolled back to the top. My bad =)

You could have just fucked your self.

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Jesus Christ, you're a bit stupid aren't you?

Really? fucking really? you're a fucking moron. Just because he doesn't feel like having sex doesn't mean she should break up with him. Fucking idiot!!! SMH

holy potato bug! back to the subject... I am also in agreement with ^^^

For the sake of humanity, I hope like hell 2 isn't Jesus Christ.

I wouldn't be surprised if you became forever alone.

I'll bet no one is going to go to his graduation party...

That is rather strange; most men would beg for their girlfriends to be this excited about sex. Unless all you talk about is sex, (and that can get annoying to anyone -- you can't be horny 24/7) I really don't see the problem here.

Try being a teenage male and be able to say you're not horny 24/7.

Point proven. Touche. :)

I guess guys can have feelings too, but what kind of guy turns down sex?

the kind that doesn't want any???

Mormons, Muslim's, Hindu's, about half of Catholic's... any more idea's? Oh yea, old fashioned guy's, most country people, along with most people in Alaska, Texas, South Carolina, and some people in Virginia. Then there are those other's (1 out of 3) who won't.

My experience with dudes in South Carolina (as that's where I live) is that most of them are obsessed with sex. I've yet to meet one that wasn't. Your info is inaccurate, lol. (Key word: most -- not all men are obsessed with sex in any state, obviously.)

Most people in Alaska and Texas? I lived in both places and met a lot of people willing or at least had sex before. It's more common then you think.

19, wow. You seem to know who wants sex and who doesn't. I smell a prostitute!

I live in Texas and there is a high pregnancy rate in our schools where I live. They all can't be Mary!

nope, in Texas guys are haing sex at the age of 11

Just because I know guys want sex doesn't mean I have sex with them, derp. This might as well be my situation with guys: Me and Guy: "Let's go out on a date!" *goes out on date* Guy: "Wanna have sex? -tries to fondle-" Me: "No, I think we should wait. -avoids fondling-" Guy: "Bye!" *guy never talks to me again*

Maybe he stood her up because he found it somewhere else

Haha, I live in South Carolina. People like sex here. :)

Well then...

Well that's a first

maybe he just wanted to be respected too. You should he happy he isn't all about sex.

I don't see how she's disrespecting him. It's pretty normal to dirty talk or playfully tease your significant other, it's not some heinous, inappropriate thing to do when you're in an intimate relationship with someone. Unless he isn't interested in sex or pleasing her and he asked her not to bring it up, there really is no reason for him to have reacted the way that he did. There isn't enough context in the FML to understand the whole situation, but from the wording it seems like the boyfriend is sensitive, or that he lied to cover up the real reason why he stood her up or it could be that he was just in a bad mood and projected it onto her. We just can't know. But with the information presented, I'm gonna say FHL.

I'm not sure how you telling him that "you couldn't wait for him to do naughty things to you" makes him feel like a piece of meat, unless those "naughty things" included giving you food poisoning.

Well, he still has a piece of meat, right? ;)

Maybe thats a clue you use your boyfriend a bit much. Hence the meat comment.