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Today, my husband bought me XL pajamas for my birthday. I got really angry, telling him that's obviously not my size. I tried them on just to show him how ridiculous they look. They fit. FML
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It appears you owe your husband an apology.

I guess your husband knows you better than you do


yea agreed. husbands know what our Lady is like. the whole visual creatures thing really helps

I agree that OP deserves it. Unless there is some back story on this, bottom line is that your husband still went out of his way to buy you something. Even if you are not usually a size XL, he may have gotten it because that style runs small. On the other hand if you are a size XL but are sensitive about it, he appears to still love you. In which case you should still not be mad. Don't let your size affect your attitude and love yourself as much as your husband does.

This was the "Oh shit" moment for you then.

She shouldnt have gotten so mad, but these things happen and she had to learn somehow

I guess your husband knows you better than you do

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I guess your brain doesn't work either.

I"m smelling the frustration of being a plump

That would be true but women are to prideful to accept that kind of stuff.

honestly the size can be pretty irrelevant. brands are all different. some run smaller than others. plus he obviously doesn't mind even if you may be a little overweight. so nothing to worry about

Sometimes different brands and stores have different sizes. I can range from a xs to a L. That's why I don't pay attention to the label size and just hold it up to my body to see if it'll fit then I try it on. Different styles of shirts/pants/etc. also make the sizes wonky.

I have the same problem! According to different stores, my body size fluctuates massively throughout the day

I'm still crossing my fingers and waiting for the day they measure clothes the same way they do men's. Right now I vary between a 00 and a 10. What units are those? Arbitraries, I think.

Men's clothes have the same problem though. Perhaps not as badly, but they certainly still have that problem. I've had large shirts that are tighter on me than some medium shirts. I also have two pairs of pants that are the same brand, style and size, just different colors, and one fits perfectly, while the other fits so poorly that I can't even wear them. This isn't really a gendered problem, it's just a clothing problem.

I just realized I misread your comment and completely missed the point of it. Whoops. My bad. I see you were talking about the sizes that men and women's clothes have, not the inaccuracy of them. And I can't find any way to delete my comment, so I'll just take the downvotes. Again, sorry about that blunder.

I would give anything to find inseam lengths for my pants. I have long legs and some stores don't carry their sizes in long unless it's online.

And to be frank, at some stores an XL isn't even big.

Yes, some stores XL is tiny compared to the XXXXL clothing they have, which essentially looks like tents.

Yeah I hate it, get two pairs if jeans that were right next to eachother, same everything, one fits other doesn't.

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He probably didn't even check the size. I know when I'm shopping for someone else I usually just hold the item up and try to visualize if it will fit the person or not rather than going by a size because most clothing sizes vary.

Plus the pajamas might be elastic or skin hugging, so they seem smaller than they actually are.

Yeah, I'm sure OP's husband tried on the pajamas when he bought them to see if they would fit her. Real genius right there...

If you do physical activity maybe you won't be quite as fat. Sorry but it's true you actually have to work hard to look good :/

While it's true that exercise is the best method to stay trim, OP could have a health problem like hypothyroidism that causes her to gain weight, in which case even if she worked out a lot she wouldn't be able to lose the weight. OP also might not be overweight at all- she could be in great shape and have a naturally big butt or thick legs.

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I'm 5'9" and when I was 140 I generally needed XL.

There are far, far more people who claim to suffer from that than people who actually suffer from it. Most people simply eat too much, and move too little, and blame something else for their gain.

There is no such thing as a health problem that makes you gain weight regardless of your activity levels and food consumption. Your body cannot draw calories out of the air; all weight gain is from the overconsumption of food compared to one's activity levels.

I'm sorry but you are the biggest idiot on the planet! Eating disorders exist such as anorexia, which causes a person to have the illusion that they are fat and when they look at themselves in the mirror their brain misinterprets their appearance to be fat. Other similar eating disorders have reversed effects that use the same concept.

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44, you are about as simple minded and ignorant as they come. Google hypothyroidism, learn something, and then come back.

#44 As a sufferer of hypothyroidism, I beg to differ. I can eat salads every day, exercise for at least an hour, drink plenty of water, and not eat any crap foods, and still gain weight. Basically, with hypothyroidism, you have little to no metablism, different hormones aren't produced, etc etc. So yes, you can still gain weight while being healthy. However, while it's tough, you can still lose weight. There are medications that help, extra exercise time, and really watching what you eat. It's something I've struggled with my whole life, since I was in elementary school, so having someone call it bullshit and laziness is just out of line and ignorant. However, I agree with the post above that says many people claim to have it that actually don't, and use it as an excuse.

#53 everyone is different I guess. I have a friend with hypothyroidism and she is actually very fit. Going to the gym 5 days a week and eating well works fine for her. It definitely is not bullshit, as she WAS a "larger" person at one point. I just disagree that it's impossible to stay fit with it.

#64 Oops, I wasn't trying to insinuate that it's impossible to stay fit. I've made a few recent changes to my diet that have really helped me out, and I'm in the process of losing weight. But again, I've always struggled with it, and at one point, going to the gym four days a week and eating healthy still wasn't working for me. I guess everyone's different in their own way. Just need to find what works for you. :)

#10 to stay trim yes. to become trim no. diet(not dieting but how you eat) plays a bigger role in weight loss than exercise.

I agree with #25, as someone with hypothyroidism who is very healthy and tries to walk everywhere (depending on my nerve damage pain levels), hypothyroidism can make it difficult, extremely difficult. I try to walk 15-20 miles per week to stay healthy, I'll walk everywhere if I can, and if I'm not in too much pain I'll cycle places, I also have a balanced diet with plenty of meats and vegetables. So... Y'know... I should be a healthy weight. I'm 5"3 and I wear anything from medium to XL clothing (depending on the brand), active and have a good diet, but I'm still overweight, and I can thank my hypothyroidism for that.

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IMO, just because one is overweight, fat, thick, etc, whatever you wanna call it, doesn't make them any less beautiful. Honestly, I like imperfections on women. It always make them that bit more beautiful, in my eyes. I'd much rather date someone overweight than "Pretty miss perfect" any day. (Not to say women that do look absolutely perfect are all stuck up, of course. Actually, a lot of the time, they're not. I'm just talking about the ones that ARE stuck up.)