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By doggylove - 13/11/2015 03:57 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I realized my boyfriend's dog is more excited to see me than he is. FML
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Dogs are excited about pretty much anyone though


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That gives a whole new meaning to doggy style.

#8 Alyssa Rosales would certainly approve.

Dogs are excited about pretty much anyone though

Exactly. I cannot believe OP would compare a human being's enthusiasm with a dog's.

Dogs are always happier to see you than any human will ever be. No one will ever greet you at the door like your dog will. This doesn't mean your boyfriend loves you any less because he doesn't stand at the door wiggling his bum and panting for you while slobbering you with kisses and jumping on your leg. Lol.

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So true, I was going to say the same thing.

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That's kinda unfair, all dogs are more excited about seeing people again than a person could ever be.

That settles that, then. You need to get yourself a dog. And if you already have one, get another. You can never have too many fur babies.

Unless you can't give them all the animals you care for appropriate care and affection in one day, in which case, yes you have too many. Adopting an animal because you are having relationship troubles is like a couple thinking that having a new baby will fix their marriage issues.

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Just like kids are more excited to see their uncles and aunts than their parents because they're more prone to spoiling them, doesn't mean you need to break up with him OP

Teach him a lesson if ya know what I mean

Dogs give unconditional love this is why they're called man's best friend

I don't know if I'd count this against him because dogs are usually more excited over anything than people are. Unless you don't see your bf often and he basically shows no sign of caring when you see each other then you might need to have a talk with him.