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  GordonLC  |  0

it's hard to compete with a dog's affection. your standards are rediculous though. I'm sure your boyfriend would hump your leg more often if he was a dog.

  Byrdd  |  0

my girl jus pulled the same shyt. i sold everything i own to move in with her and she tells me four months later she doesnt kno what she wants.....

  Drew_V  |  0

GET OVER IT!!!!! all fmls are nowadays are girls birching about "my boyfriend doesn't love me and I want somebody to feel sorry for me!!! *sob*" do something useful and take action instead of whining about it on the Internet!!!!!!

  evig_fml  |  16

on the show can snickerdoodles be made fun of constantly or is this like a real talk so because if snickerdoodles started crying I would totally watch. agree?

By  Anodyne  |  0

I'm guessing your constantly reminding him about all that you left for him, it didn't occur to you that you in fact might be the cause of the lack of intimacy in your relationship.

Seriously, it takes two people to make a relationship work, if you've got a problem with something you need to open up and talk to the other person and give them time to absorb what you've said and make changes.

You know what, .. you might even have to work at your relationship ****SHOCK HORROR****

I am constantly amazed that people honestly think relationships are like instant coffee, you make it happen then when it cools off .. oh well .. time for another cup. seriously wtf.

By  NeonBunBun  |  0

I agree with doodles.
there's no reason for you to stay with him if he's not even giving you attention. you should have known before you moved in how he treats you, if he didn't give much attention before you moved in then why would he now?