By Anonymous - 31/07/2013 16:49 - United States - Pleasanton

Today, I found out that when I text my boyfriend, he isn't the one to read them. Instead, he pays his friend to "keep the bitch busy." FML
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I can only imagine the things you've said to his friend... And the pictures you've sent. Wow, sorry op.

When you're texting your boyfriend just mention how "cute" his friend is and ask him if he's single if ya know what I mean. As a joke of course


Ouch OP, that sucks.

FHL for not knowing your worth.

You never know, she could really be a bitch.

This is why the lesbian rate is going up because guys are just total pricks.

So then the obvious choice is to stay with her??

That's not sexist at all, 36.

the stress of having the first comment got to you eh?

So what's this friend like? Bc your basically in a relationship with him. Might as well upgrade.

42, why the hell does it matter what number comment they were?

42 - The joke is getting old and at this point is worse than the first comment in the first place.

This friend is willing to deceive someone for money. Not an upgrade IMO.

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Uhh no OP would actually lose money.

Not if OP started selling crack to subsidise her text-butler.

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83 Yes, but it should still make sense.

Tell friend you'll send more txts if he cuts you in on the profit.

That's a card on cards against humanity

Justine Malang 16

I don't see how that's a profit...

I can only imagine the things you've said to his friend... And the pictures you've sent. Wow, sorry op.

That's brilliant on the friends part. Get payed to send text messages, with a chance of nudes. Where do I sign up?

Not everyone is dumb enough to send naked pictures to other people.

Well, I don't think she knew it wasn't her boyfriend up 'til now, #44.

You're right, 44. Sometimes they send pictures of themselves in matching zebra print bra and panties. ;)

As my friend, you are not supposed to tell what I sent my sweetie. Its his business and mine.

Remind me never to admit anything to you again McDouche

51 who cares who the pic is for, what happens when they break up? That pic will be public in a matter of minutes.

1. Op said nothing about nudes 2. If you're sending nudes it's usually because you trust that person enough that they wouldn't be a dick and forward your pics

They don't have to be nude to be too sexy for his friend or for her to be embarrassed.

75 - I would never trust anyone with a nude picture of me (At least at my age). I'm glad i've never taken one.

If he pays his friend to 'keep the bitch busy' I'm going to bet they aren't big on sexting and exchanging nudes.

I have done this. Hahaha

At least op's boyfriend can't get upset with her over what she's been texting.

He's an asshole. Talk with him and if he won't change, dump him. Sorry OP. No guy is worth putting up with that.

I think that's part of the problem :( he doesn't want to talk.

Not everyone talks through text messages though, #7. She'd have to face him to work through this. Not that I think that he's worth it to work through it. He sounds like a stupid kid.

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97- Totally agree. I have a friend dealing with this right now. She knew he was a asshole before they got together but expected him to change for her when she didn't make it a requirement.

#115- A-fucking-men! I had a friend who would take on "project" boyfriends all the time and would have these horrible relationships and then our friendship would be affected because her relationship revolved around everything for her. I eventually dumped her as a friend because I wasn't allowed to suggest she not date assholes and former heroine addicts who still hung out with heroine addicts. And I wasn't allowed to tell her about my healthy relationship because apparently I was "shoving my relationship down her throat". So I stopped being friends with her. People like that piss me off so much. Sorry for ranting. This wound is still fresh.

Fuck talking the relationship is done

That's just fucked up. How is your boyfriend's friend always around anyway?

Probably just has the phone that she texts.

Boyfriend is secretly homosexual. Or Bi.

Oh and the bitch with be busy...busy planning incredible diabolical revenge. He better prepare himself for war.

78, That was completely unnecessary. Anyone with even half a brain could figure out what she meant. Correcting her on such a minor typo just makes you look like an asshole. Just sayin'....

111, Notice the apostraphe after the N, what I did was proper. If you're going to be a grammar nazi, at least be good at it.

Come on, is it really worth it?

142- Not proper. Colloquial.

144- but properly colloquial.

When you're texting your boyfriend just mention how "cute" his friend is and ask him if he's single if ya know what I mean. As a joke of course

Yeah do what #8 said and play him dirty

"Hell yeah! I mean, uhh, I think he is... Why did you wanna know, babe?"

Dump his ass. Any jerk that does that, doesn't deserve a girlfriend.

Is it a per text rate? If so, you and his friend should go into business together with you texting him non stop. That way you'll at least get paid for him being a douche if you decide to stay with him.

Douche boyfriend. Guess you got some thinking to do about this relationship... he has some growing up to do methinks!