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By  revan546  |  24

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  Justine Malang  |  16

I don't see how that's a profit...

  Sfaizi24  |  17

1. Op said nothing about nudes
2. If you're sending nudes it's usually because you trust that person enough that they wouldn't be a dick and forward your pics

  etishuman22  |  32

Not everyone talks through text messages though, #7. She'd have to face him to work through this. Not that I think that he's worth it to work through it. He sounds like a stupid kid.

  Zimmington  |  21

97- Totally agree. I have a friend dealing with this right now. She knew he was a asshole before they got together but expected him to change for her when she didn't make it a requirement.

  etishuman22  |  32

#115- A-fucking-men! I had a friend who would take on "project" boyfriends all the time and would have these horrible relationships and then our friendship would be affected because her relationship revolved around everything for her. I eventually dumped her as a friend because I wasn't allowed to suggest she not date assholes and former heroine addicts who still hung out with heroine addicts. And I wasn't allowed to tell her about my healthy relationship because apparently I was "shoving my relationship down her throat". So I stopped being friends with her. People like that piss me off so much. Sorry for ranting. This wound is still fresh.


78, That was completely unnecessary. Anyone with even half a brain could figure out what she meant. Correcting her on such a minor typo just makes you look like an asshole. Just sayin'....

By  Uhscanherdarklee  |  10

Is it a per text rate? If so, you and his friend should go into business together with you texting him non stop. That way you'll at least get paid for him being a douche if you decide to stay with him.