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Today, I check my phone regularly for calls or texts from her. I take her out to eat frequently, and we sleep in the same bed sometimes. Today I realized the closest thing I have to a boyfriend is my grandma. FML
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Grandmas are better! They will always love you :)

It's admirable that you love her so much. She's worth it.


kristabelli 19

OP you sound like such a good grandchild. That's lovely!

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I find it very cute and you can always get a bf, i only got to meet one grandparent (others died before I was born) and she was usually sick (cancer). So I hardly got to spend enough time and she just passed. Not trying to sadden the mood but I would give anything to have a grandparent they are the best!

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Well, look at Happy Gilmore...

It's admirable that you love her so much. She's worth it.

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Aww, I would share, but she passed away five years ago.

jazzy_123 20

5, tell me about it. I always wondered what it was like. I have one grandpa left but I bet it's nothing close to having a grandma. They passed away before I was born.

#26: The loss of a family member is purely subjective. I've lost grandparents of both genders, and in drastically different circumstances. It all depends on the relationship you have with them.

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That's what I was thinking, too. I wish I could've spent more time with my grandma like the OP can with theirs.

I was never able to talk or see any of my grandparents before they passed away. I've always wondered how it would be with grandparents

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All you guys can take comfort in the fact that someday you can be grandparents. :-) It may not be exactly what you want now, but you will get to give your grand kids what you didn't have!

skyttlz 32

I'm the same way. Never met any of mine. And I do wonder what it's like to have a grandma.

I get excited when my Grandma calls too. She is the one person I can trust with anything. Grandma's are always there for you. Well, most of them anyway.

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Some guy will some day appreciate your caring quality

That is very sweet....but morning wood prolly makes for awkward conversations!

OP is a girl. Something an imbecile like you wouldn't understand.

OP could possibly be a homosexual man. The gender is unspecified. However, considering that OP sometimes sleeps in the same bad as "her," and also considering that homosexuals represent only a small portion of the population, it's far more likely that OP is female.

Jeez.. Imbecile? Some people take things too far on here.

Imbecile is so bad now, I'd understand if he called them a raging **** nugget, but really imbecile?

Actually, the community I live in is heavily homosexual so my instant thought was a guy, which doesn't make me an imbecile. Perception, culture, and environment represents how we interpret the world. It was a tongue and cheek comment, remove stick from ass.