By horn-y - United States
Today, while my mom was out, I took the car out to CVS to get some food, even though I'm not legally allowed to drive. As soon as I got back in the car, my mom pulled up 2 parking spaces away from me. She didn't notice me bend down to hide... until I accidentally hit the horn in the process. FML
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  amypr  |  20

That has nothing to do with the show Family Guy, it has to do with the fact that FamilyGuy (user) said "honk if your horny," which caused all of us to as, "My horny what?"

  zp5  |  4

idk if you got busted by your mom, but what if you got pulled over? you'd be screwed.
i like how "your mom" is the green underlined words...

  ericownz101  |  0

bahahaha number 1 just made my day xD
when i read this fml i pictured the cvs across the river from me then i saw it really was in arizona.. i wonder if i know the OP!

  writergirl69  |  0

She's lucky she didn't kill anyone!! There are reasons for age limits, and if it's because she failed the driving test that is ungodly dangerous! If she's stupid enough to lean on the horn while hiding, I think that makes my case.


u do relize that by not leagly alowed she might only have her g1 or what ever it's called in the states were u can only drive with a liscensed driver of 4years or longer

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#62 Even if they have their G1/permit, it was still a stupid idea to drive alone. In this situation, it doesn't matter if they're a decent driver. There are still serious consequences for driving alone when you only have a permit, and for good reason.

  Icyyy  |  0

This is probably the same person from the other FML - the one where they couldn't get their drivers license without their diploma, and vice versatile.

  psuboy  |  0

I was thinking maybe she lost her license by getting an underage or something. in which case it doesn't really seem like a big deal to drive anyway

  xgetxbentx  |  13

82 - you realize that millions of people drive the same kind of car right? if she had no reason to look at the license plate why would she realize it was her car?

  sulitak  |  27

not allowed to drive but took the car anyways? no, it doesn't suck... HE sucks. that could have cost the parents a LOT of money if the kid got caught

By  suppressed08  |  2

I hope she fucking murdered you. Legally (until I get my license), I wouldn't even have it cross my mind unless there's some dire emergancy like a huge huge huge fuck up (I don't know...a building with everyone I know in it burning down), yet here you are nipping out to the shops.

Fucking idiot. You should be fined, not grounded.

  MuchDance90s  |  0

and that's why you will be a better driver than OP ever will ....... because you think before you act whereas OP acts and then thinks about it after the fact