By Anonyme - 18/06/2011 01:25 - Switzerland

Today, my girlfriend bought several packs of bottled water, even though we have pure mountain water on tap. She did this because the pile-up of unwashed dishes in the sink makes it virtually impossible to slide a glass under the tap. FML
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Exactly; you have no right to complain if you aren't willing to change the problem yourself.

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I know! It's like saying 'I'm a lazy ass and have some many dishes piled up in my sink I can't fit a cup under it. FML.' No sympathy OP, YDI for laziness.

1 I think it might be laziness too. It also might be a fight. OP-"Hey you're a woman why don't you do it." GF-"I'm not your maid." OP-"I wish." Sometimes it's like that... or it's just laziness 8)

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maybe he is sexist and refuses to do the dishes cause he thinks its the woman's job... which it isn't

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50- I agree with you. If he complains that she is being lazy by not washing the dishes then OP should do it himself. After all, he is a man and men are supposed to be independent and do things on their own *stops to think about what I just typed* hahahahahaha(: ya right.

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48- Mr Sassy Pants or Mrs assy pants...? I need some clarification.

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I love how you are all calling OP lazy and are so quick to judge and assume. How do we not know that OP is the one always cleaning the dishes and is tired that he is doing all of the work? Maybe OP is taking a stand for themself.

72 Mr.Sassypants. I thought having a top hat on my smiley face would help with that clarification but i guess it doesn't. Do I have to change my picture back to a piece of paper sayin "It's Mr.Sassypants Bitches?"

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Holy shit guys it was a joke. Wow, is sarcasm a lost art?

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One of you just needs to do those dishes. No complaints! -cracks whip-

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99- You sound like a good slave driver. Mine just died, are you up for hire?

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You can wash that shit too. Whining ass...

brt3420 13

why hasn't he told her to do her job yet?

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Well I guess thats old then. My apologies. 120, you made me feel like a moron.

Wait a second... I call bluff on this one. How the hell did OP's girlfriend buy something while she was in the kitchen?

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OK now that that's out and all my comments have been voted down, I will just say this quickly. I didn't pick up on the tall hat as my iPod rarely shows photos.

140 it's okay. I know I get glorious amounts of thumb up (okay I don't jeez!) but I get thumbs down a lot too. One of my comment got thumbs downed over 100 times. That's like 50 people with two thumbs. JK but just keep commenting in hopes that it gets better. Hopefully it will.

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Haha thats funny. While reading your profile, I noticed that we have one thing in common. We both miss the older users, who were guaranteed to make you laugh while reading the comment. How I wish we could go back a year...,

151 I do not know if I should take that as a compliment.

#77 i was actually talking about OPs gf not the OP in my comment

lol mrsassypants your birthdays the same as my dad

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So...does anyone just reply to one comment now?

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yew must be one of those men who believe in woman's work.? too bad it's the 21st century wash da damn dishes.

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165, why is she lazy? If op saw the dishes couldn't he helped cleaned them? He says he was aware of the dishes, yet didn't do a thing. And why does op's girlfriend have to do them? Why can't they both clean them? It shouldn't be one persons job to do house work. I only said YDI because he was aware the sink was full, yet said 'FML it's full wat do i doooo?!?' and instead of cleaning them, was saying his girlfriend's job had to but she didn't, yet he couldn't do them for no reason. See what I mean?

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girlfriend's job *and she* had

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77, then wouldn't you think he'd add that part to the FML so it would make more sense?

168 actually I messed up on my birthday. It says 5/13/1990 but my birthday is actually May 15.

Perhaps he doesn't live with her thus it's her job to do the washing up.

I think it's time to do some dishes. Plain and simple.

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40, your comment is going to be burned down so fast...

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57, it said 'its a wonens job to do the dishes' or something similar to that.

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sounds like they've got DBS ( dirty bastard syndrome

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So... do the dishes. It's not that hard.

Maybe he needs it in steps: 1. Turn on water 2. Pour in soap. 3. ??? 4. PROFIT. 5. Dry and place neatly in cupboard.

You forgot step 6.... and 7.... 6) Eat food on clean dishes 7) Repeat steps 1-6.

Don't you guys get it? He's from Switzerland!

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so just wash the dishes. that'll save you money in the future

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I wish I could give u another thumbs up for ur pic.

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It just never gets old ahaha

Agreed. It gives me a quick chuckle everytime. I'd give ya a thumbs up by apparently the app on my phone can't handle a thumbs up

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So you were waiting on her to do them... apparently your plan isn't working out as well as you thought. your girlfriend wins..

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Everyone who's saying to just do the dishes I think the point of the fml is how dumb his gf is

Or maybe he could get off his lazy a** and do it himself...

jayellef 3

how is his girlfriend dumb? she is thirsty and can't get to the water so she brought her own.

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me thinks 14 MAY be a bit sexist.

Why is his gf dumb? He lives there too and can wash them. She has probably been doing all the work around there and left the dishes hoping he would start doing his part.

The best rule: if she cooks the food, he washes the dishes. (Obviously works reversed too) My guess is he wants her to do both because he's lazy.

mmorgan9218 5

maybe he has been doin the dishes and he's tired of doin them all the time. why does everyone assume the guy is just being sexist? thinking that is sexist thinking in itself

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she's not dumb per se, just lazy as hell and in my book that's worse.

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My first take on this FML wasn't that neither OP nor his girlfriend were "taking a stand", I think OP was just realising how they're BOTH incredibly lazy. I don't understand any assumptions here. As I see it, these are the possibilities: 1. Both OP and his girlfriend are lazy. What seems, to me at least, as the likely option. 2. OP is sexist. 3. OP works and his girlfriend doesn't, or both of them work but only he contributes around the house. 4. OP isn't sexist, but is a lazy asshole and wants his girlfriend to do chores. Again, not because he believes it's a woman's job, but just because he's a lazy asshole. There is no way to know which one is true, so stop assuming.