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  MF12  |  0

Look at all these people replying to the first comment... Rachel, Sirin, where are you? Anyways, the FML is worded kind of confusingly. Is your fiancé your next-door neighbor and your co-worker (this one's probably more likely), or is your fiance's "ex" the neighbor and stuff?

  JattPutt  |  0

Um, I think it is a little more than sucks. the OP has to meet the coworker for as long ad he has his job. Secondly, how is the relationship long distance if the OP and the other guy are on the same island, let alone the fact that they are coworkers. (This is my first comment so...woo-hoo!)


#66 This FML is not very clear, but I believe that the fiancé is on the island and the other person is somewhere far.
Also, Hawaii is small, but it takes awhile to get from one side to the other.

  Slolo420  |  0

Why would they be living together? Are you aware that being a fiance means you will one day marry the person you are engaged to? Are you aware that just because you are engaged that you don't have to live together?? Did you know it was "normal" to not have sex with the person you are about to marry until the night of the wedding?? Did you know these things?

  tamz412  |  0

115 what the hell? did you not know that your post is a bit behind and just annoying? as 117 said, it's more common to do what you are claiming is not normal.

  JoshTheMaggot  |  8

okay I'm confused with this too but she lives in Hawaii obviously and her fiancé is in a long distance relationship with his ex. I do not think he is gay the fml part is that she lives next to him and has to see him everyday at work. so sorry of I'm late but I thought I'd clear that up lol can we not post stuff this confusing. who moderated it? haha

  idkweird  |  0

Agreed with 120. I believe the OP's fiance is the one who lives on the island with her/is her neighbor/is her coworker.

Also, ouch @ him still being in a "relationship" while you two are engaged. That's pretty fucked up.

  afatmonkey  |  0

Whenever I get mad I cover them in bacon grease and throw them in a pit with Micheal Moore and Rosie O'Donald. It makes
e happy and there is no mess to pick up at the end of the day.


I don't think it was a gay couple. She said her fiance was in a long distance relationship with his ex (I'm assuming that since they're engaged, OP and her fiance live close to each other and not far away, so the ex wouldn't live on the same island). I think she was saying that her fiance is always around so there's really no way to avoid him.