By Anonymous - 21/02/2013 13:43 - United States - Boise

Today, I lost a bet with my friends. I had to go to the super market and buy a copy of 50 Shades of Grey along with a cucumber. The cashier was trying so hard not to laugh while ringing me up. FML
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I would have made you buy a tube of K.Y. Jelly too. Be grateful.

iOceanus 18

She will obviously be make a salad to eat while reading.


What are you gonna do with that cucumber? ;)

iOceanus 18

She will obviously be make a salad to eat while reading.

Toss the (cucumber) salad? Flick the Pickle? Cu-cum? Possibilities are endless. This is going to turn into fifty shades of green and pink.

Start a cucumber farm duh

I would log with toss the Cucumber salad. I would've loved to be there in person and seen this. I feel a bet coming on with my friends.

Be worse if op was man.

44, why would it be worse? :P

MrBrightside21 20

47 - Because fifty shades of green and brown is frowned upon in today's society.

You mean the filthy shades

JasonEP 3

Turn it into a pickle...

Never mind cucumbers, should've gotten kielbasa. Then you could've winked at the cashier and said, "Kielbasa doggy style."

My kielbasa sausage has just got to perform!

i read that book every night with my handy pickle :)

She's going to do a disappearing trick with it. Now you see you don't.. Now you see you don't ! (repeat)

125, you are a genius ,you do the same trick ?

No...I'm the cucumber.

Maybe OP is going to relax and put on a face mask with cucumbers on her eyes before she reads?

I feel like more people should have gotten the Tenacious D reference! It's a sad day.

yeah because you can totally do that with one cucumber.....

I see nothing wrong with that to be honest, at least she were not disgusted about it? Some people like fifty shades of grey and finds it sexually stimulating just reading it. And a laugh can work wonders on some moods, so it's practically a win-win. You can ways give away the book to someone who likes it

Why so serious?

Me serious? Almost never :P

Keevarou is a glass half full type of guy.

My point was that he didn't really need to analyse the whole FML. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

We intercept FML's differently, and that is good :p

Optimism's good. Fake "look at me, I'm so laid-back" optimism, not so much.

56 - I hate to be that guy, but Interpret** To intercept is to disturb halfway or intervene

Thank you 59, no wonder it looked wrong I tried interept first, then the iPhone suggested intercept, which still looked wrong. And sorry if I seem that way 58, but that is just how I am. One of the last things I am, is a poser

But it's still a thing you are?

66, who's what?

Give away the book, keep the cucumber haha

Damn ain't that a bitch

...somebody doin somethin sliiick.

Lionesse 15

How is it a bitch #3? That's a hilarious bet. I mean, it's really not that bad. I have gone through worse ones.. But I give props to the cashier for not exploding into laughter. I lack composure and probably would of cracked up.

I meant it could be a variety of reasons that's why

When you leave say your dropping it off at the cashiers moms house

4, read your name, and that is what I thought reading your comment..

Minus the lol, and the wow.

RpiesSPIES 27

#110 He used the correct form. Quite a fail you've performed.

113 - 110 was responding to 4's comment, which should say "you're" instead of "your". 110 was correct, unlike yourself. Quite a fail you've performed.

#113 Apply cold water to burned area.

115 - your was the correct form unless you think 10 was trying to say 'you are' comment.

136- Read the comment from 115.

My pits would've been 50 shades of grey. Try and rid yourself of the text before shame clogs your sinuses!

Yeah- now that I've read this again, I see the immense mockery that should be made of my comment. Apologies.

I would have made you buy a tube of K.Y. Jelly too. Be grateful.

zombieslayer83 19

And a potato Peeler to customize the cucumber.

Like 69, your welcome.

And a box of condoms ;)

zombieslayer83 19

And some ranch dressing.

madgrinchhatter 12

And Tylenol PM

And some duct tape.

No jelly, no lube. After all, it -is- the 50 shades of Grey :D

Fluffy pink handcuffs!

Should be grateful they didn't make you use it

zombieslayer83 19

#108, or did they?

Fuck the ranch, jelly, lube, and vinegar... WE GOING IN DRYYYY

Sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night!!

You should have winked at her and asked if she wanted to join ;)

perdix 29

#8, cucumbers are double-ended the last time I looked ;)


Your friends are unique. :) 50 shades of grey, 1 shade of green. Have fun.

And probably 10 shades of red from embarrassment LOL

What was the bet?

Does it matter? The point of the FML was that she lost & had to do this.

kate12345678901 15

it does matter, this way we can judge how stupid op really is