By Dv0829 - 21/10/2011 05:42 - United States

Today, I went to the store with my girlfriend. She needed to use the bathroom so I started looking at the books. It wasn't until the manager shot me a weird look that I realized I'd wandered down too far and was looking at bridal magazines, holding tampons, dog treats, and hair spray. FML
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Beebow_fml 5

Better than rope, duct tape and lube.

rothus66 7

Try condoms, whip cream, chocolate, duct tape, and a pineapple that got me some weird looks and was the last time I shopped for my friends.


SmallyBigs 9

It's his dog's time of the month.

YourEvilHero 12

I hate it when I unexpectedly walk into the womens diapers part of the store. too young for depends

SystemofaBlink41 27

Haha I once was walking down an aisle looking at stuff and found myself in the douche section

Beebow_fml 5

Better than rope, duct tape and lube.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I think that would have just made him look badass.

ThatLooksSticky 16

Better than beer hemorrhoid cream and tampons lol

Is this gonna be cash or credit for your rape kit...?

It's always better cash no money trail. o.O remember its only rape if u don't yell surprise first. Haha jk.

iloveyou1266 4

So .. Why was your girlfriend carrying that around in the first place . Assuming she handed you the stuff she was holding .

omg every comment by u is all negative u shouldnt write comments

so what? we all feed our dogs with tampons

MagicGiraffe 12

So does he feed his girlfriend the dog treats...?

14- exactly! Ive been doing that before it was cool

rothus66 7

Try condoms, whip cream, chocolate, duct tape, and a pineapple that got me some weird looks and was the last time I shopped for my friends.

naughty101 8
KittyJay 3

I'm scared to ask what the pineapple's for... O_O

What's wrong with tampons, hairspray and dog treats? I can understand the awkwardness with bondage materials but this seems fine to me.

it was a guy holding feminine products (hairspray and tampons) on his own, looking at bridal magazines.

I don't think hairspray counts as a feminine product. My beau uses pomade, and he's quite the dapper dan. ;)

So what if he's holding 'feminine' products? It's incredibly unprofessional for the manager to be giving people weird looks based on what they're buying (rape kit excepted).

I actually enjoy looking at people's groceries while they shop and matching them with their food choices. Still amazed seeing junk food and processed items that some poison their bodies with.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It nearly broke my heart when I saw a woman haul a whole cartfull of Banquet frozen dinners to the cash register. The real reason Americans can afford more than people in some other countries is because the quality of food here has been brought down to minimal. If you want actual food though, you've got to pay out the ass for it.

Who are you to judge me judging people? I'm just saying what I do since this FML was about the manager checking out the OP's purchases. I don't understand why what I do would upset you. I'm a ******* nobody to you!

Shrooms, I know what you mean. Many proceeded foods are so cheap compared to fresh. Especially that "Banquet" brand. I think it's only $1 at my store and tastes horrible.

Who are you to judge me for judging you for judging people about what they eat?

Touché! I'm not here to fight on this site. I'm here to laugh! Just saying what I have done. Example: I can tell if someone is throwing a party by seeing a cake, balloons, paper plates, beer. Etc... In their shopping cart. It's just a little game I play. Oh and me talking about junk food is only because my mom is fighting cancer and I've become more aware of taking better care of myself. It's my own personal issues I'm dealing with. Just so you know!

that's why I hate shopping people can see What I buy and the cashier always tries to talk to me especially in a small town where I go to school with the cashier 4 times out of 10

Creeper, tell what me store you go to so I can avoid it. Not sure if I want you digging through my shopping cart.

Im sorry about your mum, but thats no reason to judge anyone else on the decisions they choose to make. Just look after yourself.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

She's not judging. Like she said, it's just a little game. Most of us have some version of that, and it's harmless. Besides, if you see a guy straight up drinking arsenic, aren't you going to be amazed to some degree? Sure, it's his choice, but it's not like we should ignore it and never discuss the fact that arsenic is not something you should be putting in your body. 83, That's like saying, I'm sorry your mom died of arsenic poisoning, but you have no right to judge people based on the decisions they make. What?

Yes thats exactly what im saying, my mum died in a car crash 3 years ago, im not going to walk around to everyones car and slap on a sticker which says theyre death traps and will kill you, everyone has the right to make their own decisions and shouldnt be judged for them

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Driving is not the equivalent of eating junk food. Driving is the equivalent of just eating. Drunk and reckless driving on the other hand, is the equivalent of eating junk food. How is it judging others to point out that their behavior is harmful to them and others? By all means do slap a sticker on a reckless driver, slap a thousand even. Judging someone by the clothes they wear or the way they look is one thing, overlooking the obvious because we are oh so politically correct is another.

Drinking arsenic is not the same as eating either and im not talking about reckless drivers, my mother was killed after a drunk ran out ito the middle of the road and she swerved to avoid him and hit a tree, and driving drunk or recklessly is not the equivalent of eating junk food, junk food makes you feel good, junk food tastes good, add life to time not time to life. Enjoy yourself, eat something that tastes good, its just hard when people see what youre eating and pass judgement, go eat your muesli bars and celery and live until your 100 in a retirement home, or you can live to 55 and have the best goddamn time in the world, eating junk food, getting drunk(and NOT driving) and living life to the fullest..

ShroomsOnAcid 16

95, Please educate yourself on the matter before attempting an argument about it and making and idiot out of yourself. Have you any idea WHY junk food tastes so good? You can watch the part about that from Forks Over Knives. It's "food" concentrated by man to the point of being addictive and having an effect on the brain much similar to that of drugs. Ask any heroin addict why they're doing heroin and the answer will be because it feels good. Besides, it's ridiculous to say you will live happier if you eat junk food because our bodies need real food to function properly. No real food equals improper functioning, and likely early termination of all function. Basic biology.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Also, I never said drinking arsenic is the same as eating. I said it is analogous to eating junk food, of which it is just a more exaggerated form. There is no logic from your second sentence on, so I won't even bother. If I may just point out though, reckless driving, such as excessive speeding, also makes you feel good the way that junk food does, so I don't see how you can prove my point and argue with it simultaneously.

Your comparing junk food to heroin and your calling me uneducated? Yes junk foods addictive, yes junk foods unhealthy, yes junk food will kill alot of people, it still tastes good doesnt it? Yeah youre right the human body does need 'real' food to survive, im not saying solely live off of junk food, im merely saying if it tastes good, makes you feel good, makes you happy, do it, **** what anyone thinks of you, dont judge people because of their dietry choices and dont start comparing eat junk food, to drinking arsenic or heroin, that stuff will kill you quicker then a bullet to the face, but junk food wont, in small doses junk food is good, not for your body but for how you feel, coupled with exercise and eating healthy food more than junk food, its perfectly fine, now I have to go and dont intend to return to this stupid argument so you can keep arguing, just not with me. Goodbye :)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Yes I am comparing junk food to drugs, and if you had any understanding of how the brain works you would see the connection. It's not something I made up myself. I know that the rate of harm for those 3 things is different compared to each other but apparently you've never heard of something called an "analogy". Also, I don't remember saying anything about not eating junk food because of what others would.say, or discussing how much junk food is an ok amount, so those points are invalid. Your whole logic can barely be called such. Regardless of all, I wish you the best in life. Hopefully you won't have to suffer with cancer yourself.

Aztec27 0

Entire argument in a nutshell Kaprookie- Junk food is fine in small amounts Shrooms- Junk food is like a drug and is horrible for you Throw as many words around an argument as you want it won't change what people choose to do

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That's a very negligent oversimplification of my point, which makes it lose its meaning. If anyone is interested and has an attention span larger than that of a squirrel, I suggest simply reading all of the above. I'm all for living my life to the fullest, which is exactly why I take care of myself. That way I can actually enjoy it. Junk food stops tasting good after it stops being part of your diet for a while. When you switch to real food, junk starts to taste and feel exactly like that - junk. Even if it doesn't change anyone's mind, it will give them some food for thought, which is always a good thing.

Am I the only person sitting here with a coke and a bag of popcorn enjoying the show?

kitsune3 20

Shrooms, how about you and Kaprookie both just stfu? This is ridiculous. It's clear neither of you is going to accept anything the other has to say, and wasting your life by sitting here trying to force each other to do so is pointless. GROW UP.

siickman 7

Damn you were really into looking around :D

Could have have been condoms, lube ands tampons!!

saltywounds 2

With tampons I doubt he would need the condoms. Maybe just the lube.

LiveLaughFML 10

#16: i hope you're practicing safe sex..

schaflava 0

The blood is sufficient lube. May even be adequate for some surprise butt sex.

Lily_lops95 0

I dunno. I went in once and bought tampons, beer and a pregnancy test. That got some odd looks. I told her. 'the beer is to celebrate when the test is negative and the tampons are what comes from not being pregnant' I was only buying the pregnancy test for a friend xD.