By Auroraen - United States - Oswego
Today, after spending four hours cooking food for a special family dinner, I went to take a shower before they arrived. I came back out less than twenty minutes later to find most of the food gone, and a very guilty-looking puppy. FML
Auroraen tells us more :
OP here. Wow. Thanks for all the nice words, guys. My "puppy" is a 120lb, 9 month old Great Dane. Her name is Lily, and she is worse than Marmaduke and Marly put together. She is a total troublemaker. I had made zucchini bread, beef stew, a bunch of sides, as well as a cake. All of it was from scratch. I had actually put one of those baby gates across the entry-way to the kitchen, and she ended up knocking it over. Next time, I think she's going in the cage while I take a shower. And btw, I did just order a pizza. Everyone had a good laugh at me. And yes, she's practically impossible to stay mad at.
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  SoulHunter36  |  16

Nonsense. Pizza always cuts it and perfect for any special occasion. XD
I'm also sure her family won't mind after being told the story and will probably laugh at it. No one can stay mad at a puppy.

By  perdix  |  29

Now that he's fattened up pretty good, you can serve up the puppy!

Your family dinner will indeed be "special." Of course, everyone will have to get their stomachs pumped and you'll get locked up in the loony bin if you tell them what the main dish was.