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Today, I was buying condoms but was a little embarrassed so I went to the self-check. I scanned the condoms, then a magazine and tried to put the condoms under the magazines to hide them. The store guy saw me, thought I was shoplifting and I was kicked out of the store. FML
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Dude if you're too embarrassed to just buy some condoms, you're probably too young. Just man up and buy them... Sorry but YDI man.

If you scanned them, couldn't he just look at the screen?


Dude if you're too embarrassed to just buy some condoms, you're probably too young. Just man up and buy them... Sorry but YDI man.

Same principle applies, just use your common sense and switch the genders on the comment.

Sorry but with what evidence is there in that post that OP is a woman?

Ah I didn't even notice all the posts had that. My fault. Either way, OP shouldn't be embarrassed to buy condoms. Everyone does it, nothing to be ashamed of as long as you're of age.

She's not necessarily too young, one of my best friends gets so scared at the thought of buying condoms that he has to get a friend to pick them up for him. And he's 20 years old. Some people feel really embarrassed at the thought of anyone knowing anything about their sex life. And then there's all the different types of anxiety disorders which can cause you to feel awkward or scared about just about anything, even if you know it's not logical. Possibly OP has some type of anxiety disorder and that's why she was embarrassed, not because she was too young.

Not too embarrassed to post about it online. Which I doubt they'd do if it was a genuine anxiety disorder and not just being emotionally immature.

There's a difference between posting something in relative anonymity online where people can't match your username to your actual identity easily to walking into a store, most likely nearby your home, and doing something you find embarrassing. For one, people that you often come across in your daily life could see you doing this embarrassing thing. The average person that knows OP isn't going to immediately connect this FML to OP, unless OP told them of what happened, and most FML readers aren't going to know who OP is just from this post. (Out of every person that comments and reads FMLs could you tell who exactly submitted it? I mean give a full name, which could take some effort for the average person to connect to a username.) If I liked guys, I'd probably be in the same type of situation as OP. Some people just get embarrassed or anxious at the thought of what others think or what possible reactions might be. I would be insanely worried that I would run into some of the assholes that I knew from high school that happened to also attend my college and that they would make a huge deal out of it. People who used to get teased a lot, like myself, tend to be a bit more self conscience about actions and other people's reactions to those actions. For all we know, OP could of been like that. I always have to second guess everything I do because I know how easily it is to be made a laughing stock. When just sneezing or answering an unexpected question a millisecond too late can be something someone can taunt you about for weeks, you tend to not want to be see doing anything that could truly bring more attention to yourself.

After all the FML posts about snarky cashiers, is it really so hard to believe FMLers would want to avoid the potential blow to their self-esteem?

71- There's a difference between writing a novel and making a comment.

I call bullshit. All they have to to do is look at the self check out screen, or your receipt, and look in your bag.

Not sure 71 sees that difference.....

Regardless of gender... if you can't buy condoms without being embarrassed... probably shouldn't be using them

#90- The cashier would probably think up something then, realize that they don't have a reason to buy condoms. Someone may take buying condoms as a morale booster.Ex: "Yes! I'm gonna get laid!" Or something of that nature... I agree with #112 also Anyways, if you're the kind of person who doesn't like buying condoms in public, then there is this thing called the Internet. It has EVERYTHING...or so I've been told.

I know that feel. I bought the extra-large size for my boyfriend (the regular size pinches like the dickens), and the cashier said something to the effect of, "I doubt a girl that looks like you could get a guy that well-endowed." Snarky cashiers ruin it for everyone. But OP should have proudly displayed the box, and if anyone raised an objection to it, she should have said, "Yeah, I'm having sex" and walked out, like a boss.

tl;dr @71. point is, if you're embarrassed by sex you're too emotionally immature to be having it.

1 - You don't say "man up" to a woman.

Are you serious? It says they're a woman...

I personally don't think being embarrassed to buy condoms means the OP isn't ready. she's Ok having sex with her boyfriend, she's not completely Ok with the world (people in that store) knowing she has sex. and the person should have just looked at the self check out screen, it would have shown that you scanned it.

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If you scanned them, couldn't he just look at the screen?

Right? I'm sure OP can go back and tell him wrong and let the store guy check.

Like previous comments said though, if OP is too embarrassed to buy them, she's probably too young. Usually young kids are unable to stand up for themselves even if they have a receipt. YDI for being embarrassed/pushed around.

I was thinking that too. People way too quick to judge. Oh and I still get a little embarrassed buying them, and I'm.... Uh, older. Luckily I work in medical, I get them for free :)

Ain't no shame in gettin' some. :p But really, cashiers see people buy condoms all the time. Unless you're really young, they shouldn't think anything of it.

I'm a cashier, and depending on the customer, it gets awkward. Like the overweight couple who had to be 45-50 years old buying extra large condoms... But usually, condoms aren't all that awkward.

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99, Thank you for that mental image.

I really don't see how their weight should make it awkward.

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If you're that embarrassed, I suggest ordering online. You should realize that it's fairly common for guys to buy them though.

You should never rely on someone else for your contraception, take control yourself, no matter what your gender

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Who cares what they think, it's not like you're the only person having sex. Relax a bit.

Never be embarrassed to buy condoms! Unless they're Trojan Mini's. Ehh, even if you do make sure you buy a hundred. Then who's gonna say anything?

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Maybe you'll be more embarrassed at the free clinic when you get an STD or some girl preggers . Safe sex is nothing to be embarrassed about .

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all the more reason to be embarrassed if she gets a girl pregnant o.o

#25: I would say that's pretty damn impressive.

That's talented. Impressive would be OP getting a guy pregnant.

# 7. Condoms don't protect against STDs.

Seriously 100? They're probably not 100% failproof but yes, condoms prevent against STDs. They're one of the few things that do. That's why when you go to the clinic to get pills they always ask you multiple times if you want condoms as well as the pills don't protect against STDs but the condoms do.

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Condoms don't protect against stds?????????? What the **** are you talking about?

has no one paid attention that its a girl?

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I can't see gender on the mobile version of the website. While reading this, I became convinced that OP must be a girl, though, and checked the comments just to see whether it was indeed so. You guys confirmed my suspicion.

actually there is the male or female symbol next to the name or "title" of the fml. left side.

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Okay I'm sorry, but I've used just about every mobile FML app (aside from on a Windows phone) and they ALL have gender icons. I don't understand how people are constantly using that excuse.

I've always been able to see the gender icon. I've heard the location is sketchy with some devices. Mine has never shown the location.

For some reason my computer is on a weird mobile version of FML. The only things listed are the twitter, Facebook, and comments buttons. The Date and the YDI and FYL buttons. I DO NOT have gender icon, username, or location listed for me. I have to read the comments for those things.

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What's weird is I can see the gender icon on my app, but not in my browser. FML is the only site I use purely on my phone because of how much nicer the layout is.

He was so protective of his goods that you can't be protective of yours.

I hope the employee was trolling you, just to make his day a little more entertaining. Hell, I would xD

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That's because you suck as a person....