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Today, I learned why my boyfriend of 10 months and I never hang out at his place. He still lives at home with his mother. He's 38. FML
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How have you been dating for 10 months and are just how finding this out?That really doesn't make sense to me lol.

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more money to spend on you!! =]


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wow that sucks. break up with him

^^^ idiot. the way the cost of living goes these days it doesnt surprise me. it's proba my smarter to do that and save up more money than struggle with a mortgage

wooow somebody is a cold bitch! seriously that is no reason to break up with somebody, he may be the sweetest person in the world!..

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I didn't say he wasn't sweet but if he hid it from her for 10 months he's obviously not being totally honest with her

Yeah, I disagree with you, 1. That's stupid. I mean he probably could've had a house but found it cheaper to stay with his mom for a while until he got into a committed relationship and able to move out. If he's like one of those guys who plays WoW all day and doesn't work and leeches off of his mom, I kinda don't see a problem with it.

*It's an FML if he's the kinda guy that plays WoW and leeches off of his mom.

even if he is that way, doesn't make him a bad person, maybe he just had financial issues or trouble finding a job, or he's a loser. either way this isn't even that uncommon sadly

You guys have no idea what that man's situation is. For all you know, his house could have been destroyed by a natural disaster, burnt down by a fire, he could have lost his job, he could've had a terrible car accident, and you're over here judging him.

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I know the economy sucks but at 38 years old he should have some kind of job to support him whether it's at McDonalds or a gas station

It can be hard to even get a job at those type of places sometimes. Not to mention it's pretty difficult to live off just minimum wage.

he never said he was jobless...but I wouldn't be surprised...but you can't live off that kind of money on your own...I make 9.10 an hour and I sure as hell cannot afford to move out

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Where does it say he doesn't have a job? You can't support yourself on minimum wage anyway. It's hard enough to live off $9/hr, let alone minimum wage. Not to mention there are NO jobs. My brother in law went to apply at a McDonalds a few months ago and was in line behind 15 other people applying for 1 job. My fiancé has been looking for a new job for a couple months now and there's nothing out there.

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agreed, DTMFA. for almost a YEAR he never once had his girlfriend over? questions or conversations about his living situation HAD to have come up, at which point he had to have outright lied or pulled some super lame evasive misleading garbage. he's untrustworthy, besides the fact that his shame is unattractive. if things are rough just own it, be who you are!

why are you such a stuck up bitch? do you know how bad the economy is? lots of adults have had to move back home to save money. I hope he leaves your gold digging ass as soon as hes back on his feet.

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All of there comments are so damn repetitive. Okay, she's a bitch and we don't know his circumstance. The guys wrong for keeping it from her for 10 months. Even if he's embarrassed that's not something you don't tell your girlfriend -.-

how is she an idiot? even though standard of living is high but it's not impossible since so many people are doing it. plus it's not just about money but independence and responsibility as an adult. unless u have really low standards and want to waste ur time on a man who can't even afford to live on his own and still mooching off his mother at the age of 38, then don't expect the relationship to go anywhere soon, forget about marriage, kids, house etc. like I said, unless u have low standards and don't Carr for any of that stuff.

I some what agree with one, but he could be a sweet guy, but come on, if his house burnt down the fnl would be the op saying how horrible her38yr old boyfriend now has to live with his mom. And seriously it doesn't until your 38+ to find your way in life

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wow. humans these days are so pathetic.

Maybe she keeps quiet and makes really good food. If that is the case I wouldn't leave.

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44- Minimum wage is $9/hr now? I remember when it used to be like 5.15/hr.

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but in those days, the dollar was worth more.

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I'm not a bitch because I have an opinion you guys.

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no, you're a bitch because your opinion is lame.

I was gonna hop on the bandwagon and call her a bitch too. but maybe SHE loves with HIM?

maybe he's helping his mum pay off her house? did you think of that you bitch?

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OMFG why the fuckk are all of you bitching at her, if that is her opinion leave her be!!!

no because unless she's told, she will always be a stuck up bitch. it may not look like it but we're helping her

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Lol I don't agree with her opinion either but I am not going to verbally attack her...and I guess in your own way you are helping her I don't agree but Keyword: In your own way

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usually, people who care about other's opinion are either losers or really ugly.

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she should probably be happy someone loves her. in my marriage, my wife has hooked up with two guys and woman...with three kids. OUCH!

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that totally reminds me of failure to launch!

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Well if caring about people makes me a loser and ugly well then I guess yours and my definitions are different. Get a life you jerk:)

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Well if caring about people makes me a loser and ugly well then I guess yours and my definitions are different. Get a life you jerk:)

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I think it's funny that half of you think I'm a bitch because I said something you don't agree with. we dont have the same points of view, that dosent make me a bitch, it just makes me different

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You don't even have to reply to these people and their ignorance.

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It's entirely possible that he's staying with his mom to take care of HER, not vice-versa. Also, while I may think that he shouldn't have lied about it for so long, it still seems understandable to me. Honestly, I hate how all of you people go "OH JUST BE YOURSELF" like it's so ******* easy. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of you are always "yourself" all of the time. Stop criticizing people for something that your are incapable of doing yourself. I mean think about it, is it not entirely understandable that this guy would be afraid of what his girlfriend would think of him if she found out he lived with his mom, whatever the reason? In fact, considering her reaction, it seems to have been an entirely reasonable fear. And finally, please, please, PLEASE stop going "DUMP THEM DUMP THEM DUMP THEM DUMP THEM" for every relationship-based problem. For ***** sake, that isn't the answer to ******* everything. If everyone just ******* dumped anyone for even the smallest mistakes or for not meeting their exact standards, no relationship would last longer than a few weeks.

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four words: YOU. HAVE. NO. LIFE.

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or or or, he's spending all his money on weapons and food for when the zombie apocalypse happens, mhmm

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more money to spend on you!! =]

Lol I'm suprised the mom hasn't kicked him out yet...

just make his mom cancel his wow and xbox live account and he'll be putty in your hands

has anyone ever take into account he might look after his mother

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Dude, it says MOTHER not grandma. Learn to read.

if he leeches off his mom and plays WoW what's the problem? it's his life not beetween him and his girlfriend. te only thing that matters when your in a relatioship is the moment you met her and afterwards not before.

like that guy that murdered an eight year old :( but this isn't a bad fml

how is this anything like a guy murdering an 8 yr old?

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That Murder lived with his mother??

How have you been dating for 10 months and are just how finding this out?That really doesn't make sense to me lol.

They always went to her place, I guess. It's strange to discover this after ten months, but it's not that unbelievable. There are a lot of FML's here from girls who discover their boyfriend of x months is married, so yeah.

Don't judge him, what if he can't move out because he doesn't have enough money to pay rent?

If money was the issue, by 38, he should have got a job to pay for things like rent because that is what responsible members of society do.

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24- You missed the keyword of her post: enough. He could be making enough to cover some bills and food but not "enough" to spend $700+ on rent (or $400 for that matter). My fiancé makes $9/hr and I make a little less. Our rent is $800/month and with all our other bills and food we're living paycheck to paycheck. Cost of living is way exceeding wages.

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Sucks to be you. Should have waited till you found someone who could support you better. Its a very nice thing to be with someone you care about but it's your responsibility to pick someone you care about that can also afford the costs of living. I'm 26 and just bought my wife our newborn baby boy and I our first home. If you have an education and a will to succeed the world isn't such a hard place. It's just filled with people who don't try hard enough and want everything handed to them.

^****** agreed. Shouldn't have ****** around all through high school

dude thats super cheap pay and dirtcheap rent

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maybe he should just grow a pair, get off the tit, and learn to be a real man...

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Or maybe his mother is ill. He might be part of a religion or culture where you live at home and take care of your parents. If he is almost 40 his mother could be anywhere from 60 to 80 years old. She might have just judged him without knowing the true story.

Nobody likes a smug, judgmental ahole. While OP's bf may indeed want everything handed to him, not everyone who has financial struggles doesn't "try hard enough." Keep that in mind when it happens to you 'cause trust me, it will.

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maybe he's been unemployed for a while...did you think of that, op???

I'm thinkin' something like that too, but damn. If you're gonna be living in the same household as your parent(s) at 38, you NEED to have a good, sound reason lined up for when the question comes out. Judging by the fact that this became an FML, I'm guessing there was none.

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that definitely makes sense but after 10 months of dating I would think she'd know whether he was employed or not. and if he wasn't and she knew it, then what would she expect?

I'm surprised he's able to put his big-boy pants on himself. Though, maybe his mum is ill and needs help with things?

Yeah I was thinking the same things and many other things too (unemployed, laziness etc.) We might never know unless we meet OP but would be pretty weird if FML commenters went to OP's boyfriend's house to find out, especially me. :D

We should send out a team of commenters to find out. I'm sure he'd be especially delighted to see you on his doorstep peering in!

Doorstep? I'll go through the bathroom window like a normal person, thank you!

Climbin' in yo windows Checkin' FMLers up So's you better be telling the truth or face MrSassypants' wrath. Though for some I fear that'd be more of a promise than a threat.

I am terribly sorry. You want a rhyme? I'll take some time, to write you this little speech, whilst eating a peach. An- Oh who am I kidding. I can't rhyme for shit. I have disappointed you *cowers in a corner and hangs head".

It could be worse. At least he doesn't live in the basement.

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well he could live in the basement at his grandmas house

I think living in the basement suite of his mother's house would be acceptable, especially if she was getting older and needed someone to check in on her, help with chores and grocery-shopping, etc. (and considering he is 38, she could well be elderly). But if it's just a convenient arrangement and he pays rent, what's so distasteful about it? It's because of judgmental people like the OP that he feels he couldn't be honest about it sooner.

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GoshPeople is right. My father and stepmom let my grandmother&grandfather live with them. Their house has a basement furnished with a minikitchen and living space/bedroom. When my grandpa died they let her stay there because she is near 70 and sick. My dad is a doctor and pays his own rent, owns the house. There is nothing wrong with living with your family if they need the help. Even to give her company. They helped take care of my baby brother when he was little.