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Today, I realized my acne is so bad that the Facebook face recognition could recognize all of my friends in a group photo except me. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

Maybe it's time to see a dermatologist

I took my daughter to a doctor who fixed it right up really quickly. She's a new person now confidence-wise! Don't hesitate OP.

oj101 33
Redoxx_fml 22

Proactiv's a scam if anything OP should stay away from that stuff

Pstraka6 20

OP, go see a dermatologist immediately! Many people have terrible acne so don't let yourself down over something that CAN be fixed!

Yikes. You might need to have that taken care of.

Lionesse 15

Hmmm... Tell the OP something they don't already know. . .

I guess this puts you in a tight spot, then.

Only Brits will like that pun, although, I ask myself, i-zit even good at all??

You're acne like his comment didn't pop at you.

dmoran20 27

Lol, sometimes I feel as the site should switch for an hour a day to FMP (**** my pun) /random

Okay, okay we really need to clearasil this up guys

You guys aren't being very Proactiv with these puns.

That maybelline pun was awful. Somebody slap him on the back of his blackhead

Pore effort, that was the original comment.

BeforeItWasCool 12

It'll clear up eventually OP, my brother had awful acne but as soon as he hit 18 it cleared right up!

Acne isn't necessarily age related. For some people it doesn't clear unless they control their diet (for example: no sweets, no sugar, no oily things, no fried things, no red meat).

Acne: not just for teens anymore. Adults get it, too, though usually not as bad. Diet won't fix a bad skin infection; a doctor will.

BellaBelle_fml 23

In my nursing program we were taught that your diet has nothing to do with acne and that acne is all from your hormone levels. I never could quite grasp that concept, however. I've seen my brother switch his diet and avoid all of the normal foods that are associated with causing acne. It did wonders for his skin. I think that the foods recommended to be avoided to prevent acne change the hormone levels in your body. Thus preventing the acne. That's the one and only way I could justify what my instructors told me to be true in my mind.

iOceanus 18

Sadly, Proactiv isn't for everyone. It didn't work for me.

Laurenlou 24

Proactiv typically only works for people with mild to almost no acne. So sadly, it probably wouldn't work for OP. OP needs to see a dermatologist if it is truly that bad.

Proactiv didn't work any miracles for me. Accutane, on the other hand, did. it has side effects but if OP's situation really is bad, taking Accutane is an idea worth discussing with a dermatologist.

Laurenlou 24

49- I totally agree. However, because of the serious side effects I would also suggest trying everything else that is possible before jumping to Accutane. It was the only thing that worked for me. It's definitely worth the risk and the dermatologist would know if it's the best product for OP.

Best thing for me was tea tree oil face wash and products. Mine cleared up within a week to only a couple spots at most, and mine was really bad. Still got some scars.

49-I heard that Accutane was pulled from the shelves because of it's serious side effects. I even see commercials for lawyers willing to help you Sue if you've suffered from any of them.

73, nope, they still prescribe it. and every patient is made well aware of all the side effects, which are, in fact, completely endurable - when you have acne bad enough to require Accutane, you don't really give a shit about back ache or dry lips if it helps.

#78 you're wrong on that. I took accutane years ago and they only listed the typical things like depression and crap. They never said anything about the possible gastro problems that can arise. I'm one of the unlucky few that got a gastro problem from it and my life is like hell thanks to it. I'd rather have acne and I really regret taking that crap now

#80, I'm sorry about that. but you really are one of the unlucky few. simply out of curiosity, not trying to accuse you of anything, of course - how do you know it was Accutane that caused your gastro problems? I've never heard of this side effect, that's why I'm asking.

I don't know if you know this, but Proactiv has a new stronger one to order if the one they advertise doesn't work. I use Proactiv, and it works for me. It's just that Proactiv is not cheap.

I'm with you- acne is a bitch. Try and make a joke about it because, sadly, it's hard to get rid of

Facebook has facial recognition now? Holy ****, just when I think Facebook is set to destroy the world, now it can recognise my face in a picture too? We are doomed, people. Facebook will become Skynet, and then it's all over. *puts tinfoil hat on*

They've had it for a while, unless I'm just remembering things as though they were yesterday, when they really WERE yesterday...

I think the tin foil would be more appropriately placed on your face, not your head, Doc. You know what? While you're at it, just make a whole ******* body suit. Nobody will notice you. Unless you're the only one doing it.

Google will become skynet, not facebook. Facebook will merely continue selling personal data to all interested parties.

TheDrifter 23

Everyone is missing the important question. Why was your tinfoil hat off Doc? That's just asking for the Facebookians to steal your thoughts for the marketing demons.

I suggest using noxzema Anitblemish cleansing pads and aveeno clear complexion facial moisturizer. Every night clean your face with the noxzema pads then rub a little of the aveeno on your face. That's what I do and it has worked for me. Been using it for quite a while now. Ts the only thing I have found that works on my adult acne. Plus it doesn't bother my sensitive skin

If it makes you feel any better OP, my cousin has an acne problem and she's still one of the prettiest people I've ever met. All that matters is if you're hygienic. Most people can look past the acne because everybody gets skin problems to some degree.