By Anonymous - 17/12/2011 07:47

Today, I found out the hard way what it sounds like when you take the first letter of my first name, A, and put it with my last name, Hole. FML
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A. Hole please report to the principals office

MagicGiraffe 12
MagicGiraffe 12

Excuse me sir, but you appear to be a purple giraffe.

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And you appear to be a grey cancel sign.

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105 I was thinking donut holes...

I knew a Jenny Hole lol. So op posts as anon but posts her name in the post?!

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That's what my friends call me...

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I really want to thumb this comment but it's at 394.

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Officer A. Hole and B. Dicks...we'll call you if we find anything.

It would've been amazing if the way he found this out was in a public place. "We'd now like to call forth to the stage Mr. A. Hole"

just realized, commented on wrong FML... this reply "LMAO" was for a different one ahaha

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How would you not know your name was a. hole after at most 6th grade? Kids always make up mean nicknames with actual names.

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Thank you so much, I really didn't get the joke.

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Please smother your boobs In my face.

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I guess your name is what you are destined to be. (But really, just because your name can form a-hole doesn't mean you are, or should be one.)

Yeah, my grandma's initials are E.T. Like the alien.

Your grandma is destined to become an alien.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

The hard way huh? Idk I feel like any first name that starts with "A" and last name is hole would remind me of the word "A- Hole". Should have been expecting it. I'd just like to know wtf the hard way was!

Somebody wrote it on a tool of sexual pleasure and forced it into OPs namesake. Hard way.

luckymagruder 4

Yeah, you'd think that this would've came up In school, at the least. Still sux, regardless.

MarjoCupcake 11

Your parents hated you, huh? Fyl :(

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Why are people dogging' these replies? They make perfect sense

36- and therefore just because he has an orthadox name his not going to realise early on in life that his name could possibly be read out as "A hole"?

82, learn what people mean before replying. It's possible that this person came from a non-English-speaking country. Believe it or not, "A-hole" isn't universal. Even more likely is that OP grew up somewhere where "A-hole" isn't used because the people there are competent enough to not omit two letters from a six letter word.

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It has nothing to do with competence either. Most people say "A-hole" to avoid swearing, not to save time. Kind of like using "freaking" instead of "*******".

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That was his point. They use the 2 s's instead of just a-hole