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  Sicari  |  2

It would've been amazing if the way he found this out was in a public place. "We'd now like to call forth to the stage Mr. A. Hole"

By  IKickPuppiesHard  |  16

The hard way huh? Idk I feel like any first name that starts with "A" and last name is hole would remind me of the word "A- Hole". Should have been expecting it. I'd just like to know wtf the hard way was!

  bebohacker1  |  4

36- and therefore just because he has an orthadox name his not going to realise early on in life that his name could possibly be read out as "A hole"?

  NotDave  |  0

82, learn what people mean before replying. It's possible that this person came from a non-English-speaking country. Believe it or not, "A-hole" isn't universal. Even more likely is that OP grew up somewhere where "A-hole" isn't used because the people there are competent enough to not omit two letters from a six letter word.

  elmousey  |  5

It has nothing to do with competence either. Most people say "A-hole" to avoid swearing, not to save time. Kind of like using "freaking" instead of "fucking".