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I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed in your grandma or your girlfriend for accepting a proposal on Facebook.

Troll granny strikes again...


Troll granny strikes again...

I can't wait to hear what you said to your girlfriend...

She's just assuring OP gets married. Just wait until she wants great-grandchildren.

Freaking' cuntwaffle.

Did someone say waffles?

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me on Facebook, then took it back, claiming it was his grandmother. FML

I think That was a horrible thing to do that's a big step I. His life why would he want someone to decide that for him what if this causes a big argument in his relationship and could break them up that was not for her to decide there is no way to validate her reasons for doing that shame on her so what if she his granny that shouldn't change the fact that it was bad

the elderly strike again.

I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed in your grandma or your girlfriend for accepting a proposal on Facebook.

After all... Who proposes with Facebook?

People propose over all sorts of shit nowadays. You got those WoW people who do it over a raid, I heard of some guy doing it over Xbox Live. So honestly, Facebook isn't quite that bad. It's better than twitter I'd say. "Oh my gosh, how'd he do it? Did he take you to a fancy restaurant?" "No.. He sent out a tweet.." "What a gentleman!"

I wonder if his grandmother changed his status too?

You'd think the girlfriend would call him and confirm it was actually him and not just a friend (or rogue granny) playing a joke.

Maybe she was desperately waiting for him to pop the question for a while and just ate it up.

Lmfao this had me laughing xD

You mean fiancé.

You mean fiancée. Fiancé is male.

Well excuse me

You are excused.

Learn something everday

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Unless, of course, he doesn't want to get married. I think it would be better to try to explain everything instead of just going along with it.

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jasmine2301 25

Here we go again...

Yeah could you imagine 50 years down the road? "Oh by the way, my grandmother proposed...not me. I was at the store, but completely avoided it because I don't like we are." Great story for the grandkids. Yes I understand it was sarcasm....but I still think it would be funny.

(zoidberg voice) Your sarcasm is bad and you should feel bad.

Who the hell accepts a "wedding proposal" over Facebook...?

Edit: Removed evidence of my dumb-ass not reading clearly.

Only people who are dumb would accept a proposal like that. It's like proposing to your girlfriend when you're drunk. It doesnt make sense

Damn, through Facebook? Granny could have at least sent flowers!

Or at least something she needed on Farmville or Cityville. Come on, you have to have SOMETHING to propose with.

Gran wants to be a dare you deprive her of this?

Sneaky gran strikes again! She isn't a cuntwaffle, OP. She's an old aged prankster!

So long as the old hag pays for the ring and wedding, my regards to the betrothed.