By Jololol - 17/05/2013 09:25 - United States

Today, I found out I was named after the woman my dad used to stalk when he was in high school. FML
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And your mother actually agreed to that? That is one progressive wife right there!


How did that come up in conversation?

I think OP found the restraining order, which the father keeps as memorabilia.

I assume OP is his favourite child ....

And your mother actually agreed to that? That is one progressive wife right there!

Something tells me that the wife was most likely unaware of the significance of the name.

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Aww I can se ops parents then, young and stalking together

Ypetrol 11

Well that's something special isn't it? Hahahaha

Wizardo 33

Your dad needs to get over the past cos that's just beyond creepy.

I read an FML once where the OP was named after the dad's childhood dog. Consider yourself (somewhat)lucky.

If he buys you the same brand of perfume she used to wear you might want to flee...

olpally 32

Someone's a bit obsessed... Wow. Your dad needs therapy or you need to go to a court house and legally change your name, that's too freaky.

perdix 29

Wait until he sees her at the high-school reunion and shows her a picture of you. That'll be awkward!

RedPillSucks 31

Don't ever go with your dad to the highschool reunion. EDIT: Damn it, Perdix

perdix 29

#12, sorry, dude. My other alternative was to mention that I actually named my daughter to honor my beloved late grandpa, but it coincidentally happens to be the name of a girl I had a crush on in college (I liked her, but she wasn't stalk-worthy.) I would LOVE to bump into her at a college reunion and try to play it off like I named my kid for her. Her reaction would be priceless, or at least $11.83. I should have consulted you first. I apologize.

perdix 29

#34, I used the feminine form of his name. I made that number up out of thin air. That reminds me of that chiche where someone says, "If this can help just one person, it will have been worth it." I'd like to see someone say, "If this helps 8 or more people, it will have been worth it, but if it helps 7 or fewer, then this was just a ******* waste of time!"

Something tells me he's not quite done obsessing over her yet...