By thanks_world - 26/12/2013 06:48 - United States - Everett

Today, nothing said Christmas quite like my dad taking 18 shots of vodka, falling on the Christmas tree while holding our 3-year-old cousin and denying it ever happened when he woke up later. FML
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Yikes! Hope the three year old is okay.

The real question is, why was he holding him while hammered lol


Yikes! Hope the three year old is okay.

Why was he holding the baby when he was hammered!?

Holidays wouldn't be as wonderful without family right? lol

Or why didn't anyone keep the three year old far away from the hammered dad?! The child doesn't need to be exposed to a sloppy drunk!

Is nobody going to comment on the fact that he took 18 freaking shots?

Number 28, you've obviously never been around hard-core drinkers.

Times like this I am glad my dad can hold his beer.

Then again, #45, eighteen shots of vodka is a bit different than a beer.

This is why you should keep strong liquor away from celebrations with young family if not altogether but in other words happy belated birthday Jesus day to everyone.

Yeah! They really shouldn't let the father over for New Years! XD

whatever pffft

The real question is, why was he holding him while hammered lol

I hope your cousin is alright and shame on him for being that irresponsible..

Shame on the cousin? Grammar please. But yes, I agree.

Yes, because everyone's first thought will now be that I'm accusing the toddler of being irresponsible. Really?

This has been a Christmas to remember.

Or to wake up and deny.

Umm...Maybe New Year's will go better? I hope for you that it does...but keep your dad from drinking too much If you can :s

I hope there was at least one pic or a videos to prove what he did...

I am gonna down vote myself. I shouldn't be commenting when I am hungover.

Did the kid enjoy it though?

As long as your cousin is okay just be glad that nothing worse happened, alcohol is a start for a lot of problems

at least he didn't pull out his penis to ensure a proper celebration.