By Anonymous - 26/09/2015 12:08 - United States

Today, I found out that my contact name in my girlfriend's phone is "Dipshit McFucktard". FML
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Yeah, I don't know why OP is complaining. Don't couples usually give each other cute nicknames?

It has to actually be cute for it to be a cute nickname.

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I can hear Sheldon's voice in that comment #24

That's pretty messed up. If I were you, I would confront her before things go further, because no one should be addressed in such a way, regardless whether it was said to your face or you were labeled as such.

JustinJK 21

Dude my friends and I have terrible names for each other in our phones. my best friend in my profile pic, I have emojis of monkeys and poop next to her name. She has me in her phone as a gay slur. I have another friend, who is middle eastern in my phone as the crazy terrorist with bomb emojis. I have names like dumb blond, boarder crosser, etc. I guess I'm messed up.

You're barking up the wrong tree. People don't get offended unless it's the guy being a dick to the girl, never the other way around.

andrmac 25

I would consider the names: Cum Guzzler, Cum Dumpster, Pussy N Ass or Shitty **** McGee for her.

She thinks that little of you? Then it's time to move on unless you love her so much you are truly deaf, dumb, blind and stupid over her. My sympathies, OP.

Honestly this seems more like a joke than her actually being a bitch.. personally I'd find it hilarious if my girlfriend did that

I second that notion, 8. Actually, I *wish* I had a girl with a sense of humor that ridiculous to make up random-ass ******-up names for me.

My wife and I have stupid, less than flattering names for each other all the time, we've never been happier but maybe we're just crazy.

She may just be the joking type, if you two usually joke/mess around often then don't think much of it. Although I would do the same back.

It sounds like a joke to me, OP. If you're concerned talk to her. Otherwise laugh it off!

I've saved my boyfriend as 'Bumface' in my phone, and he's saved me as 'Wench the Sandwich Maker'. I wouldn't read too much into it, it's most likely a joke but if you're really not happy about it then I'd suggest just having a talk with her. If she cares about you I'm sure she'll understand :)

Thats pretty hilarious OP, don't take stuff like this serious. If she really thinks of you in such a way, the name would probably have been a lot more harsh and cold in my opinion