By nukebroadcast - 16/12/2010 06:32 - United States

Today, I found out what sound a hammer makes when it strikes the back of my hand. FML
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does it sound like a penis hitting it?

I bet you're mad.


I bet you're mad.

Well don't keep us guessing.. What does it sound like?!

That must of been just pleasant... OW xP

Noo... hes happy he got a hamer to the head..

lol i read it wrong.. OPPS

I read head too lol

It went "OW! WHAT THE FUCK??!! FUCK THIS SHIT!!! _insert_all kinds_of_profanities_here_!!!!!!!"

I've hit my shin with one...I feel your pain :( broken bones for sure

does it sound like a penis hitting it?

ha nice!!

how would you miss a nail or whatever you are hammering that much

LOL! Why on earth would you wanna hammer your own hand?

ok, who let the retard out of it's cage?

@Therealfamilyguy why post the same thing twice.... jackass.

Oh, well, you know.. Maybe it was an, I dunno, ACCIDENT? Sheesh. Are you that stupid?

maybe he owed money to the mafia so they had to give him a taste of what would happen next if he didn't pay up soon

Don't knock it 'til you try it.

#7 that made my day.

congrats, want a medal ? fag x

seen at least 10 of the same pictures. and I'm friends with the girl who that is on fb. so yeah just saying. ouch op:(

I'm friends with the same perrssonn too? o.O

I'm guessing the sound it makes is "YOOOWWWWWCCCCHHHH!" Followed with some expletives.

Did you like the pain?

Chicken Butt

The sound of you screaming like a little girl?

Hammers don't make sound.

the only thing that makes the sound is the object it hits