By nukebroadcast - 16/12/2010 06:32 - United States

Today, I found out what sound a hammer makes when it strikes the back of my hand. FML
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does it sound like a penis hitting it?

I bet you're mad.


I bet you're mad.

Well don't keep us guessing.. What does it sound like?!

sugarr0babby0 0

That must of been just pleasant... OW xP

Noo... hes happy he got a hamer to the head..

lol i read it wrong.. OPPS

I read head too lol

fakeaccountX 6


It went "OW! WHAT THE FUCK??!! FUCK THIS SHIT!!! _insert_all kinds_of_profanities_here_!!!!!!!"

I've hit my shin with one...I feel your pain :( broken bones for sure

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too funny

does it sound like a penis hitting it?

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ha nice!!

how would you miss a nail or whatever you are hammering that much

LOL! Why on earth would you wanna hammer your own hand?

ok, who let the retard out of it's cage?

@Therealfamilyguy why post the same thing twice.... jackass.

Pandora9321 0

Oh, well, you know.. Maybe it was an, I dunno, ACCIDENT? Sheesh. Are you that stupid?

maybe he owed money to the mafia so they had to give him a taste of what would happen next if he didn't pay up soon

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Don't knock it 'til you try it.

#7 that made my day.

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congrats, want a medal ? fag x

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seen at least 10 of the same pictures. and I'm friends with the girl who that is on fb. so yeah just saying. ouch op:(

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I'm friends with the same perrssonn too? o.O

I'm guessing the sound it makes is "YOOOWWWWWCCCCHHHH!" Followed with some expletives.

DaveEPIC 0

Did you like the pain?

Chicken Butt

The sound of you screaming like a little girl?

Hammers don't make sound.

the only thing that makes the sound is the object it hits