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Today, I discovered that my name literally means "burden". This wouldn't be so bad if both my mother and father knew this when they named me. FML
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Fuhohohoho...and I thought Folly's name was cruel... I cannot see any reason why anyone could deserve this.

Prove em wrong kiddo... prove em wrong. ;-)


Fuhohohoho...and I thought Folly's name was cruel... I cannot see any reason why anyone could deserve this.

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i moderated this... but that really sucks lol but if you can post on this you most likely only have a few more years left with them ^.^

anyone know why everyone calls ppl with the name Richard as dick

I've wondered that for years myself and I still don't get it...

suck it up OP. if you don't like your name consider getting it changed? I love being an ass =D

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Well maybe it means something else in another language, like "a fuckstick from heaven" or " graceous retard" those at least have a small positive connotation

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You really are a desired child! :D

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Amos is burden in Hebrew I believe, if it's not that I don't know. Oh and get over it, if that's your only complaint with your parents.

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At least they put thought into your name :)

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boohoo, boohoo. dude get a name change

I think it would be worse if your parents named you 'burden' for a reason If your parents didn't know, it doesn't matter...

30 thats what i thought too... this is definitely fake cuz the other one was worded exactly the same way.

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isn't there an fml about his dad naming him penis in French and the dad being fluent french speaker

Dick has been the standard shortened form (nickname) for Richard for hundreds of years. The fact that the same word became used as slang for penis is *probably* coincidental. So the real question to ask is: "why did "dick" come to mean penis?" Just as the word "pussy" originally meant a cat - again, I suspect the slang came along later. Lots of other examples: the word "tit" until quite recently only meant "a small bird". It might even have become slang for breast due to the analogy between a breast and a small bird. And far more recently, the word "gay" only meant "very happy". Again, the slang meaning came along later.

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Mercy, cousin it loves it's name.

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dude 27 if you drew your pic it's pretty awesome.

yea it was a girl who's dad named her penis in freanch

it's funny because they think you are a pain

Lego you switched things up. Agree 27 if you drew that; very good! To not sure what number with the rant, very true.. now post answers as to why please!

Also, when you use "pussy" to call out a person who is weak or cowardly, it's actually the shortened form of the word "pusillanimous". Fun fact.

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This is just like the FML where the guy's name meant Penis..

FYL for thinking you parents didn't think you were a burden. You deserved it for having that name.

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im so sick of crappy fml's about names. like seriously ur not stuck with it forever. if it bothers u that bad save some money and go get it legally changed. dont come on fml complaining which created the worse fml of the day :-)

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this has already bern an FML. the other one was funnier because his name was penis.

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same thing with mexicans dude...Socorro (SOS) Soledad(Loneliness) Dolores(Pains) Concepcion(Convieve) etc...these are VERY common names so stop tripping OP

27- agree with the rest. very good. unless you didn't draw it. but it's still good. I love maximum ride.

you are the biggest arse in your comments!!! you are also very rank in you pic

I think OP probably meant to say that their parents did infect know when they named them.

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don't take it so personally. they didn't know you personally then, they just knew they were having a baby., which are huge burdens.

Isn't this a repost? I read the same one a few weeks ago, except instead of the name meaning 'burden', it meant penis in French.

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anon is short for annonymous dumbass.

it's like when foreign people name their kid ****** cause they think it's a pretty name

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37, "tit" probably comes from "teat", which is basically a woman's breast/nipple.

... Noob OP worded his second sentence wrong... He copied an FML (trust me, he did), but couldn't ******* word it correctly. 

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#8 because big black Richard is a terrible name for a pirate

They knew, you idiot. It clearly states that in the fml.

I think it's Richard to Rick to Dick

also, in response to "This wouldn't be so bad if both my mother and father knew this when they named me." : i think it would have been much worse if both your mom & dad had known what it meant when they named you. knowingly naming your child BURDEN...haha that's so messed up.

I think OP may have worded it incorrectly, and meant that both parents did in fact know the meaning.

i figured so much, but you really just never know, so I pointed it out anyway. =X

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I was thinking the same thing but figured OP just said it wrong.

Thats not bad at all. I wanna name my daughter Calamity which means disaster. LOL

Prove em wrong kiddo... prove em wrong. ;-)

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scandlous hyna tell her to deal with it hah

Amasa? That's the only name I can find meaning burden :)

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their username is Anon...I don't know, maybe that's it. though I've never heard that name before.

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I thought anon was just short for anonymous. Op do you live up to your name? 'Cause it sounds like you do. FYL because I feel like your name is the the first "gift" your parents give you. My name means "Water Lily".(:

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People name their children a lot worse than this. Be happy you're not named after a sexual organ or sexually transmitted disease simply because your parents were ignorant and thought the word sounded interesting. I've seen children named ****** and Chlamydia because their teenage ghetto mothers thought they were "pretty words".

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I used to nanny for a 2nd grade teacher and one year she had a girl named ******** ( the -th- like THink and rhymes with reed). She had sooo many parents call and question her when she sent home the Valentines day list LOL!!