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Today, during a phone call, I broke down in tears because I was asked to spell my last name. It’s sixteen letters long and hyphenated, and I always end up having to spell it twice because they never get it right the first time. I’m tired. FML
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As a person who doesn't know military alphabet AND has a hyphenated long-a** name, I can assure you that it's not working. Also, I feel your pain, OP.

If you don’t know military alphabet, how do you know it doesn’t work? My name has 15 letters and a hyphen and if I speak slow enough military alphabet sure helps people to write it right the first time.

i know the struggle, my first name is only 8 letters long, and a common name, but there is 10 different ways to spell it, and mine is the least common. so i always have to spell it out and then explain that it's in one word, not two and not with a "-" in it. when you've done it your whole life it becomes annoying

Change your name to a short English word, like Exotic.

Strange enough to me, I have a very common American English name. When I would move to a new town I would check the phone directory and always find at least one person with my same first and last name. But when I tell people my name and I want them to get it right I still have to spell it! It seems like at some point we all have to spell our names - But I understand that some names are a lot easier to communicate than others. You have two choices - Make the best of the name you were given or change it to one you prefer. Either will work and both will have their difficulties. While it won’t help you on the phone, you could get a batch of cards printed up with your name and phone number to give to people when you meet them in person if they are having trouble understanding your name.

Sara Niemantsverdriet 12

just think about changing it. shorten it creatively