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By figures - 29/11/2009 01:53 - United States

Today, I found out I've been misspelling my middle name for 25 years. FML
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It's alright. My parents never told me how to spell mine. I just made it up and decided how I wanted it pronounced too. It's not a common name though. I've never heard of something similar to it.

I think it's dblueg.


That sucks, have you ever asked your parents???! Stupid

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Hey you never know! Up until three years ago (18) when I got my driver's license I thought My middle name had two "Ns" in it... my mom thought it did as well... wtf?! And that's not bad... at 18 my friend found out her first name didn't have an "E" at the end of it... her mom never corrected her... they actually told her it was spelled with an "E"... she didn't find out until she looked at her birth certificate for her driver's license as well

Am I the only one here who actually knows how to spell? They're bloody names, it's three words you have to remember, is that so hard?

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I've been spelling both my first and middle name wrong for 17 years. And I don't give a shit. My name is Renae. But on my birth certificate its spelled Ranae cause my mom was so high on drugs she spelt it wrong. We never changed it so that's what it says on my drivers license too. My middle name on my birth certificate says Sherray but I spell it with one r: Sheray

When you are young and just learning to sell, it is often easy to make a simple spell mistake. Otfen times it will go uncorrected until it becomes permanent.

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Woohoo. You know what's ironic? That you mispelled mispell also.

On the off-chance this isn't a trolling comment, it is, indeed, actually "misspell."

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haha, i know, i did the same thing.. it soo rhymes (if i spell that wrong) oh well.. my bad and i dont care

esushi- Wow, you fail. If you don't have proof on the spelling of a word then don't comment and make yourself look stupid. OP- It's FMLs like this that makes me wish would add a "who gives a f***?!" button because I don't know why anyone would care. After reading the other stories of people who have gone through the same thing and don't care, it just seems lke you're whining. Personally, I found out that my mom and I'd been spelling my middle name wrong all my life and I don't care. It's my middle name; most of the time when filling papers out they just ask for the initial anyway. It's not that big a deal.

did it and done

I can spell my FULL name. Do I get a cookie now?

Learning to sell haha

No point asking my parents even though my dad was the ones to register the births and names he forgot that my middle name was "Ann" not "Anne" until I told him last month I'm 22!!

My sister spelled her middle name wrong till she was 16. She spelled it Nicole, but it's really spelled Nicholle. Who knew lol.

i mispelled mine for two weeks when i first learned it!

Amazing story. Please, tell us again.

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hahaha smart ass haha

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Lmao this happened to someone I knew. She found out she had been spelling her name wrong. Funny part about it is that with that extra letter, it would be pronounced a different way.

It's alright. My parents never told me how to spell mine. I just made it up and decided how I wanted it pronounced too. It's not a common name though. I've never heard of something similar to it.

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Isn't your middle name "blue?"

I think it's dblueg.

Hahaha, thanks guys.

But really, what is your middle name?

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screw middle names! jk peeps ;p

Wow, you deserve something for finally realizing it after 25 years...

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a dictionary?

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so all your life? doesn't your parents family and teachers made you trace your full name when you were little wow! I was like when I was 5

Mine never did. But that's probably why I hate my capital R's when I spell my name. They look all funny and fat.

I'm surprised that someone who shows so little ability with grammar and using the correct words feels they have the right to judge the OP #9. At least you spelled all of those words right though.

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this is totally not an know how to spell it now.

Every story on here is an FML

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fake for 2 reasons 1. all fmls r fake 2. ironic how she mispelled m "misspelled"