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Today, I found out my wife named our son after her ex-lover. FML
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That's not cool OP. Sorry you had to find that out... And yes at least you won her in the end...

youre being down voted because you thread-jacked. btw

My great grandfather named my nana after one of his ex girlfriends. Great grandma found out. She didn't care haha. She got him in the end. And that's all that matters really.

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Talk about brutal? Okay then, I think killing babies and baby ducks is quite brutal.

#54, I'm not sure what you mean by thread-jacked?

Look on the bright side: When she yells at the kid, it's like she's yelling at her ex.

That's like in that one movie with Seth Rogen or however you spell it and Barbara Streisand. Think of it this way, you won her in the end, not him.

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OP won her hand in marriage but apparently the ex still has her heart.

That doesn't mean he still had her heart! She could have honestly really liked that name even before she dated that guy you never know.

when I think about great names for my baby in the future, I always know someone who had those names! It's annoying but I guess that is life unless you choose wierd names for your children. I would not put too much thought in it OP, it's just a handsome name I bet.

Hopefully the OP won't tell the kid to grope his wife's breasts. It might bring back the wrong type of memories.

How did he win her, she clearly pines for the guy. He might've dumped her

I disagree. Sometimes things are just as simple as they seem with no underlying meaning. I was with a guy and I'm no longer with him, but I love his name and have thought it would be cool if my future kid had that name. The name means warrior and I read a book all about the Biblical character with that name which is why I like it so much. It just so happens that this guy has that name too. Don't twist it into something it isn't OP. She's married to you, bearing your kid. That's says it all in my opinion.

But do we actually know that the kid is the spawn of OP?

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She named the kid after the lover. He didn't win her.. He got stuck with her.

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That's ridiculous. If your husband named your child after an ex, would you really accept that he simply liked the name?

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Did It Strain The Relationship Between Your Wife And Yourself?

Capital letters go in front of sentences, not Every Single ******* Word.

Hey 28, emphasis ended in irony when you used capitals to try and get your point across. Stop being an asshat.

Unless you are adding periods after every word, it won't auto capitalize. It takes effort to look that stupid.

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#57, this is FML. We are a community of judgemental grammar Nazis, so yes. Your grammar can and will be judged. Enjoy your stay :)

#69 Really? You can't read English? That's pretty sad dude. I feel for you. No, really, I do. Here is a sad face, :( , just for you. :) I just think it's sad that people try to correct people on their grammar to make themselves feel better. That is exactly what it is. Down vote me. I don't care. Lol. It's sad and pathetic. You try to make other people look bad to make yourselves look better. Why else would you do it? I doubt it's because you want to make their grammar better and you care about how they look when they misspell something or use incorrect grammar? I don't think so. I doubt half of you have even close to perfect grammar. You just go along with it to be part of the "group". You don't see me going around making fun of people because I think I know everything. I was never one to do something just because everyone else does it. Also, I never put "Still an idiot" in that response. I guess a mod went power crazy and changed it. I double checked what I wrote at the time. That's effed up.

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Why was my comment moderated? Is it because I pointed out that I did not say "Still an idiot"? and that someone must have been power hungry and added it to my comment?!?! I'm glad whoever added it to my comment abuses their power as a mod. Thanks.

As I was saying in my comment that was moderated. You only correct people to make yourselves feel better. I'm positive that you don't correct people to help them. I bet that most of you who down voted me for saying it was childish to correct people don't even know correct grammar that well yourselves. Who really cares? This is not high school or a job where it actually matters. None of you are teachers or bosses and we're not being graded. Down vote me. I don't care. It just proves my point. Go make yourself feel better and pick on people like were in high school again (A lot of you probably still are). Gang up on people. It's a pack mentality and you're just doing it because everyone else does and you want to seem cool or smart. Congratulations! You're a d%ck!

#92 I have been around here for quite a while. I hope YOU are enjoying your stay. :) FML is supposed to be full of fun, not bullies. That's what you "Grammar Nazis" do. You bully people. We all know bullies do what they do to make themselves feel better.

I can't decide whether it's something sad or something to get extremely mad over. Probably both.

You got down voted but the guy below you said the same exact thing just in different words and he got up voted. I don't get it.

It's the way the statement was delivered. This one is straight forward were the one below had a small twist and humor behind it. Almost everything here is based on how you deliver the comment. If it's unique and creative while making sense to the masses you get up voted. Bland and over used gets you buried.

:) Yep. Because replying 'run!' to any relationship problem is so unique on FML. Right up there with 'dump them.'

As I pointed out to the person above you: You got up voted and he got down voted and you both said the same thing just in different words. Can someone explain this to me?

^^ She reminded me of Heath Ledger playing The Joker: "I'm like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do with one of I ever caught it".

@60 As I stated above. It's the way the statement was delivered. This one is straight forward were the one below had a small twist and humor behind it. Almost everything here is based on how you deliver the comment. If it's unique and creative while making sense to the masses you get up voted. Bland and over used gets you buried.

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it doesn't really matter though, 80.

She might like the name but it's still very tacky. There are thousands of names they could have picked. I doubt she'd want her husband to name their *daughter after one of his ex-girlfriends? It just seems deceptive if now is when the OP is finding out about her name choice.

its not good. I straight put it on the table that my child would not be called by any name that was mine or their dads exes! its just wrong

Maybe her sons name is Jonathan, or Michael or Kevin. Maybe it's a really common name that lots of people have. If it was a really unique name I could see why OP would be upset about it but if it's common I don't really see the big deal. I don't think we know enough about the situation to judge her.

but that's the thing. Say her exes name was Jonathan. Why couldn't she use Michael or Kevin? I definitely think that we can't judge her yet, but there are millions of names in this world. She could have picked any name except for, like, 5 or 6 that are her exes. Literally.

Because people who name their kids common names don't just pick them out of a hat. She could still just really like that name. If she loves the name Jonathan she's not going to name her son Kevin just because Jonathan is "taken" by her ex. It's also "taken" by thousands of other people.

I get that you can like a name, but I feel like she should have at least addressed the repercussions of naming her son after an ex-boyfriend, and she should have asked the OP about it. It's not like there is only one name for a kid, ever, and it HAS to be that name or you'll die. The way this FML was worded, it sounds like the wife knew exactly what she was doing "named our son AFTER an ex-lover".

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I'm hoping she just really liked the name and it's not a tribute to what could of been.

Are you sure it's yours? You could leave this loser with her ex, since she seems to like him more.