By NO NO NO - 05/08/2013 21:42 - Netherlands - Den Haag

Today, I came home a little earlier than usual, only to walk in on my dad frantically trying to remove a ballgag from my mom's mouth. FML
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That's going to make dinner awkward

untouchable763 10

Never gonna be able to delete that history. FYL.


Didn't you offer to help?!

I'm pretty sure no kid would ever want to help their parents do that.

PterodactylMan 23

Oh my why would you want to help?

You say it like it's helping with the dishes or something. Ew.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Eww what the hell? Who would want to offer their parents help with that.

Haha. Good one..pity others don't see the humour/sarcasm

I love OP's username

#42: That post had absolutely no trace of sarcasm in it. Sarcasm is not an umbrella term nor is it an excuse for a terrible comment.

Now now, Welshite. It was obviously their sister that wrote the comment, and then autocorrect ****** it up, and irony, and a bunch of other bullshit. There's no way #1 just made a bad comment. That's impossible.

It was obviously sarcasm. If you aren't aware of that being sarcastic, I feel sorry for you.

If you cant see the sarcasm there... hell, I dont know... You have struck me insultless with your stupidity.

OP helped by mopping her own puke off the floor

Who would ever want to help their parents do that? Shudder...

Couldn't have said it better myself.. Pearents get old, they need all the help they can get especially when it's physical activity. If nothing else maybe record it so they can watched it later

cho_bee 9

Not a normal one, that is. wait wait.... LMAO!!!!!!

Oh no! Guess that'll learn ya. You won't be early. anymore!!

You mean...teach?

Sinistra_Blue 12

I think there would be about 25% fewer FML's if people just stayed at work until they are supposed to leave.

\ 28

In the South I've especially noticed people say "learn" in place of "teach"

#51: Take it from someone who has lived in the South: they don't talk like that at all.

On TV they do, so it must be true!

I live in Texas and we do not talk like that

well, I live in England and I quite frequently use 'learn ya'. Ya know, for comic effect.

TxCountryBeauty 10

I'm from Texas as well... I do not use learn in place of teach but my Grammy does often. It is more southern slang in the U.S. but like everything else it depends on personal preferences.

I don't live in the south either

TheDrifter 23

It's more old than southern. Folks with college degrees used to be called learned, now it's educated. The word teach was generally used for formal lessons, learn for informal and life experience.

\ 28

So many cactasses... I think i'm in the south now

You wouldn't make it in the south. also from everyone in the south please stay in California

(**We don't *speak like that.) I've lived in the south for a while and the majority of southerns do speak with an uneducated slang. I never truly believed it until I moved there from the west side of the US.

\ 28

I moved to Cali from NC and I still hate California.

That's going to make dinner awkward

That's going to make EVERYTHING awkward.

"Soooo.... How hard was it to remove" *parents glare* "Just trying to make conversation"

Her mom already ate...

untouchable763 10

Never gonna be able to delete that history. FYL.

OP should have gone incognito.

Incognito works. Just stay away from private browsing.

raider27 7

... Have I been doing it wrong with private browsing on my Mac?

You've been doing it wrong by buying a Mac. @92

Gee that's awkward.

They must've had a mouthful of explaining to do!

Come on, dad finally found a great way to stop her from nagging. :P

#86, she may not be nagging anymore, but now she's gagging!

iJUSTINsane 12

I suppose it's better than OP walking in on their dad removing his balls from her mouth, but only just.

I read it that he was removing his ball bag from her mouth!

It's probably worse #9 It means they were not just having sex, but bondage sex, and I don't know about you, but I would find that way more disturbing than walking in on my parents having normal sex...

I wouldn't say it was normal to insert ones scrotum into your lovers mouth. But I'm biased an enjoy bondage.

Awkward is finding your mothers strap on in a ziplock Baggie whilst cleaning the house....

At least it's better than walking in on them doing it

IworkAt711 14

They were probably naked so it doesnt seem like it would be much better.