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  Today, I ran into my parents bedroom after I heard my name and what sounded like painful screams. When I opened the door my parents were on top of each other laughing hysterically. They needed me to find the key to the handcuffs. FML
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  joqez  |  0

because people with pointless comments ruin it for people with comments which DO make sense by filling up the entire first pagez.

on topic. ouch, that must've been a traumatic experience.

  wtftashaaa  |  5

How can two people be on top of each other and both be handcuffed? And how does the second person get handcuffed if the only other person in the room is already handcuffed... :l

  snocap12  |  0

PERSONALLY i think that no one should say stuff like that no matter what race....if its offending for a white person to say it then technically it should be JUST as offending for a black person to say it...your just insulting yourself. I saw some guys almost push a guy down a full set of bleachers at my school once because he happened to say that while singing along with a rap song...he didnt mean any insult but since it was already in the song by the singer he almost got very hurt....i think that is RIDICULOUS and hypocritical