By Tea_baggins - 06/08/2013 04:01 - Australia - Rozelle

Today, I woke up at 6 a.m. and went into the kitchen, where I saw a mouse in front of the fridge. Petrified, I stood in the doorway shooing it for a few minutes. My husband then walked into the kitchen, picked up the "mouse", and threw it in the bin. It was a used tea bag. FML
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Hunthas 17

Still not great that there was used tea bags on your floor...

ItsAnanya 25

Now that's not a very mice situation to be in.


Hunthas 17

Still not great that there was used tea bags on your floor...

Maybe the mouse transformed. Robots in disguise...

K410 18

Well someone needs glasses lol

Do you want ants… because that's how you get ants.

It's crazy how all that shooing did not phase the mouse lmao. It was the morning, give her a break lol.

ItsAnanya 25

Now that's not a very mice situation to be in.

Sinistra_Blue 12

"Not so funny meow is it?"

I rodent want to be in a room with a mouse.

With the tea bag off the floor, at least her kitchen is sqeaky clean!

Neyuu 18

It'll be quite the tail to tell her friends about later.

You mouse have some ratty eye sight!

Nice try.

^nice try also.

^You gave it a shot.

^10/10 for effort.

^You tried your best.

^your tenacity is admirable.

^Your perceptive insights are certainly commendable.

^your ability to maintain an appreciative atmosphere is applaudable.

Shall we consider this combo broken? Perhaps...



^47 - I find your lack of faith disturbing. *choke*

DKjazz 20

v What a witty and well-rounded comment. I commend you, sir or madam.

I heard tea bags are notorious for spreading disease and biting people as well, you should watch out for those too

When does shooing actually ever work anyway?

Wowxoxo 17

"Shoo fly don't bother me!"

Reminds me of when I saw a piece of dark string hanging from the lamp and thought it was a spider.

Should have gone to Spec-savers

They should use this scenario for their next ad. Lol

varlso 8

I was under the impression mice were cute!

You are right, but teabags aren't.

I don't understand how people are scared of mice. Then again, the same people would probably laugh when I run away screaming at sight of a moth.

andits 21

Well at least you're brave enough to shoo away a mice or heck be in the same room! Many would just run out screaming and go crazy and have someone else deal with it or pray the mouse dies on its own!

Oh god, do we really live in a society where you're brave when you can stand in the same room with a mouse? Humans are sometimes such a disgrace for nature...

Komend van een meisje met een gasmasker lol

Ja, want 't is dat meisjes met gasmaskers de natuur het schaamrood op de wangen laten krijgen.

Elephants are scared of mice. Your point is invalid

Teabags can be scary?

Tea bags can be scary. Except for the good kind. Rarrrrr!