By Anonymous - 09/05/2013 19:12 - Norway - Oslo

Today, my boyfriend bought me a silver necklace. I have a silver allergy, but I thanked him anyway and encouraged him to return it. I found out later that he knew about my allergy all along and bought it on purpose so he could return it, get a refund, and still look good. FML
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He's smart and an asshole at the same time


MrSarcasmic 10

Damn indeed. However did you come to such a brilliant conclusion.

My intelligence spectrum is just that broad.

How exactly did she found out -_-

This begs the question, does he know that she knows? After all, we know that she knows that he knows, but I don't know if he knows that she knows that he knows, ya know? I get paid a dollar every time I say know or knows.

well it sounds like it's time to buy the wife a bag of peanuts! thanks for the great idea OP

He's smart and an asshole at the same time

Damian95 16

Smart plus asshole equals smartass.

be smarter than him keep it and change it for some gold necklace or something else

Not smart enough to somehow mess it up! How do you "find out" his master plan so easily, he can't be that bright.

2, his plan didn't work so he isn't smart enough - just trying to be calculating. 40, Gold is much more expensive than silver, so unless it is something really big she might not be able to exchange it for golden jewelry.

He's a classy asshole...a classhole!

Although that sucks, thats still a brilliant idea.

Unless she would have returned it and used store credit to pick out something she can wear, which is what she should have done.

crazy4books23 13

My boyfriend did the same thing except with a peanut butter cake for my birthday. I hope you talk to him about it OP.

Except a peanut butter cake is in most cases non returnable and probably a little less pricey than a silver necklace

audreyfml1994 15

It is more deadly.

Your boyfriend sounds like a twat. Purposely giving people things they are allergic to is downright moronic and, in some cases, possibly fatal. I may be overreacting a little but come on, that's ridiculous.

Barriaultcory 16

Not sure if ultimate troll our just a bad boyfriend

hryffff 11

Um bad boyfriend.

He took the phrase "boys are trolls" to a whole new level.

And you just took the phrase "over generalisation" to a new level.

Eliseopwns 22

Confront him, and let him know you're disappointed in him. Don't take his shit, OP.

Jackass Level: Over 9000

zed34 18


lexi365 20

How can a guy look good, if he knows his girlfriend is allergic to something and still gives it to her?

Because the angle he was going for is "It's the thought that counts".

because I'm sure he did not plan on her finding out so it would be a win win. I'm curious how she found out.

Yup. It was a genius plan. Unfortunately not executed by a genius. A genius wouldn't have told anybody. Voìla. Keep your mouth shut, nobody finds out.

She didn't know he knew about her allergy. He planned to 'learn' about it then, return the necklace and keep the money. She was supposed to think the gesture was sweet and not expect a new necklace that she wasn't allergic to.

MrSarcasmic 10

douche from hell: 1 your move op