By SCARRED - 29/08/2014 20:15 - United States - Kansas City

Today, I walked in on my dad giving my mom a striptease. FML
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Serves you right. Always knock first.

That cannot be unseen


Serves you right. Always knock first.

Hey they could have been in the living room for all we know.

Perhaps they didn't put the traditional hat on the door knob. So FHL.

#9 I don't think I want to know

That cannot be unseen

Especially, if he was using a pole... *shudders

At least he came in early enough to only see that!

#20, I believe he supplied his own. ;)

But you cannot bleach the mind's eye...

whatever works for them

You pic is fucking creepy!

Hahaha, hey, maybe you could learn something from him. Next time, knock!

At least that's all he was doing

Should of thrown some ones at him and left

Seems like the best solution. Plus obviously add hints to it all the time when you talk to him

It's OK to cry now OP

you just can't unsee some things.

Just honestly say nothing and pretend it didn't happen. It is probably just as awkward for them.

Idk elephants in the room tend to grow over time, not shrink. Might just want to get it into the open. Maybe op can crack a small joke to ease the tension.