By Anonymous - 27/12/2009 12:49 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my mom and dad. It wasn't my dad. FML
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Tonights family disscussion must be interesting

perdix 29

(At the dinner table) Dad: What did you do today, honey? Mom: Umm. . . You: (coughs) The most urgent question is "Who?" (Mom's face turns as beet red as her vulva was a few hours earlier.) THE END


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Tonights family disscussion must be interesting

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Then he technically didn't see his mom and dad.

TheDrifter 23

Sure he did. It just isn't that guy his mom is married to.

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Kik meh: AlexaLovee lol anyways yeah that sucks

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F Op's life too. Have you never had parents you love? Have you never been a kid?

you make it sound like you were wanting to walk in on your mom and dad but was disappointed when you saw it wasn't your dad. sometimes the "build up" doesn't work on these fml's.

Your fault for walking in on them. Obviously.

pingpongpickle 8

I don't think thy was the fml

shit. double awkward. just wait until your father gets home.