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Glad they still have a little fire in their furnace!


you have awesome parents lol

o god I would have thrown up

u should of said hey can I join in lol eeeewwww

well what are you waiting for take off your clothes and jump in. its no fun playing naked tag with only TWO people...

poor OP. time to wash your brains and eyes with soap now.

how many brains does the OP have?

... That ... That's just great. Uguhuhuhhughhghghhghhg! O_O

The OP should save up that workin' money and get a place of their own so they will NEVER have to see that again.

this is disturbing I'm now going to puke repeatedly

bahahaahahhhahaahahahaa. that's so funny. xD ahahaha. ew

Sounds like a ...threesome.

i think that makes op an official cock blocker

ewww ahh couldn't even try to imagine my parents doing that next time just don't come home if you get off early.

I'm glad that they have fun and love each other a lot. I feel terrible fr you that u had to see it. keep that stuff for when the kiddies are gone and not comin home for sure! plus what if someone happened to stop over?!? awkward! here's to hoping they close the blinds!

For op's sake I hope they weren't playing freeze tag.

agreed. I wish my rents were still in love like that

LOL at 92... Granny always gets me :(

the best parents ever

depends if he's a guy or girl

well it's a whole lot better than seeing them fighting

it would be more awesome if he had a boner too, and he had a like angry expression as she's running away.

that must have been a sight

The fact that you find that to be funny both sickens and worries me.

shit thats just down rite NASTYY im sorry op

I know you're probably traumatized, OP, but I gotta laugh at this one. XD

Glad they still have a little fire in their furnace!

"My life is f***ed. Today I found out my parents still love each other....."

#9 would YOU want to see your dad chasing your mum around the house naked? Would you?

It's unfortunate how many people take that for granted :(


Well you know it is a little scarring to see your parents running around the house naked...

Did you bang on the door yelling; Police open up!!

Not cool man, you don't cockblock your parents. Not unless you want to get turkey slapped and anally penetrated. Which will happen to you if you don't STFU with your Victorian bullshit.

lmfao thats sucks

LOL this sucks XD

Time to move out..! You will be thinking about possible sexual acts involving your parents in every part of the house now. Yes, including your room.

I'll bet they've done it on the couch where you watch TV, the shower, and not to mention the kitchen table, where you eat breakfast! It's time to move the hell out.