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  lady_lindsey  |  0

I'm glad that they have fun and love each other a lot. I feel terrible fr you that u had to see it. keep that stuff for when the kiddies are gone and not comin home for sure! plus what if someone happened to stop over?!? awkward! here's to hoping they close the blinds!

  a_borshunist  |  0

Not cool man, you don't cockblock your parents. Not unless you want to get turkey slapped and anally penetrated. Which will happen to you if you don't STFU with your Victorian bullshit.

By  star_86  |  0

Time to move out..!

You will be thinking about possible sexual acts involving your parents in every part of the house now. Yes, including your room.

  MrAdventure  |  1

I'll bet they've done it on the couch where you watch TV, the shower, and not to mention the kitchen table, where you eat breakfast!

It's time to move the hell out.