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By I think its dead - 15/01/2013 07:33 - Canada - Brandon

Today, I met my girlfriend's parents for the first time. In the entrance way I felt a slight tugging on my jeans. Used to my Doberman tugging when he wants to play, I shoved hard with my foot. I successfully punted their Chihuahua off the ground and into the next room where it landed with a thud. FML
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Sir you have a neck. Looking down isn't illegal

Good first impression! Especially on the dog!


Good first impression! Especially on the dog!

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Honestly, the same thing happened to me last year as I entered my guest family's house. I had to stay there for a week..

Did you also leave an impression on the dog?

It's not a dog if you can kick it over a fence.

I can't be the only perso that thought about baxter getting punted off the bridge in Anchorman.

Now that you reminded me you're not the only one and that makes me laugh

A kick to one of my pets or any animal would be an instant 'get the fuck out of my house'. Total disrespect.

It was clearly an accident. Calm your tits!!

Sir you have a neck. Looking down isn't illegal

I have a big dog too, and you get used to shaking them off. It was a reflex to shove him off, not really a matter of looking.

Exactly! Half a second makes the difference between a good day and an FML.

Werken247 14

@50 It's called responsibility for your actions. It really is a matter of looking down. And yes, I have a big too.

will3232 3

I too own 2 rather large dogs and they are always in my way shaking them off is a quick efficient way to get the message across that you don't want to play and is a simple reflex that you don't think about...however you should be able to tell the tugging between a Doberman and a small dog.

87 - I thought the same thing! The tugging of a little Chihuahua must be VERY different from the tugging of a Doberman...

OP deserves this. His dog wants his master to love him and he literally kicks the dog away. That's cruel.

154rct 7

Except in the state of Georgia

Poor Chihuahua, hope it was okay, and you didn't get in much trouble :S

Judging by OP's name, I'm guessing the dog's not okay

This suck, but so do Chihuahuas

What a sorry excuse.

nycwrestler 17

It's not an excuse. More of Op being an idiot

... For a man? Why yes, men that punt little doggies typically are.

shan88 14

For a dog? I completely agree, anything that is smaller than a cat should not be considered a dog

I've never seen a dog bigger than a lion or a tiger.

Even if it were a Doberman why would you "shove it hard with your foot" (also known as "kicking")? You should not be allowed around animals until you've taken some courses on proper training.

I agree that excessive force was used, but there is most definitely a distinct difference between a shove and a hit/kick.

skyeyez9 24

OP said he "successively Punted the dog" which is a kick....kicked so hard it landed in another room.

He definitely. Needs some training. Obviously after he gets some kicking lessons he will be able to punt well enough to kick it through the window.

Schizomaniac 24

I love that the term "excessive force" was used in this context. "My assailant would not back down. At this time I felt it was necessary to use excessive force." "Sir, your assailant was a chihuahua."

you can roughhouse with a doberman by pushing it or wrestling around, and he probably exaggerated ''punting' i wouldn't punt a doberman lol. you would have to be stupid to do that.

35 - Yes but, apart from the fact that OP may have exaggerated, that's because he was expecting a doberman, not a chihuahua. Has it been a bigger dog, it wouldn't have been 'punted'. That's kind of the point of the FML.

61 - The force required to "punt" a chihuahua into another room is more than enough force to potentially injure a Doberman (especially if you hit the leg or neck just right).

It is okay to rough house with large breed dogs sometimes, especially if that's how that dog acts too. Rough housing with Pits, for example, is perfectly acceptable because they play rough and don't even feel a gentle nudge. It's the same with my dog.

Lol I'm guessing you don't have a dog because shoving them away when they are being bothersome is completely different from kicking him across a room OP obviously had a lapse in mind and it was an accident

I have a Great Pyr mix, he is as big as me, and him jumping on me I have to give him a knee to keep off, he's still a puppy and when he gets very excited its dangerous to me

I guess that could be an interesting story for when you tell your children about the first time you met their grandparents..

Ribit 9

I'm guessing he won't be fathering their grandchildren!

shan88 14

20. I'd hope not. Hopefully his son is fathering his grandchildren?

laya_fml 26

Regardless of who fathers who, let's just hope that OP doesn't kick any babies/ grandbabies.

Ouch. For the dog. Surely you realised you weren't at home and it wasn't your dog? Come on.

force of habit?

Werken247 14

Yeah... sounds like he's used to kicking dogs...

This is the kind of story FML was made for. Nice work, and nice username too.

You should have been extra attentive if you were meeting them for the first time. And you should never kick a dog, no matter the size. YDI.

OP shoved, the kick was accidental.

Fyl? No, f the dog's life! And wow at you're username...hope it's not!!!