By Nicole - United States
  Today, I caught my little brother peeping at my friend getting dressed in the bathroom. When I asked him what he was doing he said "I'm just doing what Ray does to you while you're in the bathroom." Ray is my new step dad. FML
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i lol'd. take pictures of him in the shower and post them on the internet if he doesn't stop. or even better, mass print them and hang them all over the neighborhood.

  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

ok...don't get me wrong, but it's only REALLY creepy and an arrestable offense(or at least one that would get a restraining order or something) if you're underage. if ur 20 something and living at ur mom's house, not much you can do about it, unless your brother back u up when you tell ur mom. and yes, it's still creepy , even if you are over age, just not as creepy as if you were a teenager or younger. varying levels of creepy. oh, and lock your bedroom door at night if he's a drinker(and, possibly, even if he's not) cuz you don't really know what this might turn into if ur mom doesn't believe you. good luck

  drdj2006  |  3

ok for starters #2 your grose and second OP tell your mom tell another family member you trust and tell some one at school a teacher you trust a Guidance counsler principal anyone of authority tell them all and some one will listen and help you if hes peaking now who knows what it will excalate to keep an eye on your brother also and make sure he knows its wrong and to tell you if Ray does somthing like that to him or your friends or when ever he does it to you be careful and talk to some one quick


ps sorry for any spelling mistakes i couldnt "speel two savie mi livef"


WHAT THE HELL?! He's a fucking pedophile and a peeping creeper! OP, call the cops, tell your mom, do SOMETHING! I am so sorry that creepy son of a bitch stares at you and married your mom :O

By  Casualt1234  |  0

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1. Make sure with your brother that it's true because this is serious.
2. convince your mum to put locks on the door without the Ray guy knowing.
e.g "Mum, (lil' bro) peeped on my friend and maybe me". as a excuse but tell him this first.
3. When showering, place your clothes or a towel to cover the bottom of the door. If he still peeps, then give your little bro a camera.
4. The next tine he does it and is caught by your little bro, tell your bro to video tape without being seen. Then give you the evidence.
5. Go to the police. DO NOT tell your mum yet. Since she loves him, she would maybe deny it. As they say, love is blind.
6. Get the support of the police and arrest him.
7. oops, I forgot. Make sure to confide in people like close friends or family who you're sure won't discuss it with your mum so she won't say it to Ray.

For all you know, he could be planning to rape you so take actions FAST.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

jeez can you not just say "brother"

make sure he's being honest and offer to pay him for the evidence. siblings do anything if there's a promise of financial gain!

By  aerials_fml  |  0

Wow #2, even if you were kidding, that's too much.
I say you should tell your mom and have your brother back you up. There's nothing worse than having your mom not believe you and to let that creeper not get in trouble.