By TronCat8230
Today, I met my girlfriend's father for the first time, and from what I'd heard he's super strict and uptight. I go in for the firm handshake after introducing myself while looking him in the eyes and I accidentally grabbed his junk. FML
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By  mt21mt  |  15

As this guy was eight in front of you, couldn't you judge the distance of halfway, where a handshake usually meets? Didn't it feel weird, when at the halfway point for a handshake there was no hand? So I guess you just kept reaching? Instead of the correct assumption that you missed his hand, you assumed that he must me holding his hand against his body, for the weirdest handshake ever? So, because you couldn't judge either the distance, or you forgot how long your hands are, you just kept reaching, farther and farther, and lower and lower, and oooooopps my hand is on your dick.