By mykhael - 21/08/2013 18:58 - United States - Opelousas

Today, my girlfriend and I started fighting. Instead of arguing for herself, she decided to set her puppy on me. Only "Puppy" is the name of her fully-grown police-trained German Shepherd. FML
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I call my tiger "kitten". Makes him even more adorable.

pwnman 33

Not only she is a bad girlfriend, it is needless to say that she is a bad dog owner.


I call my tiger "kitten". Makes him even more adorable.

Mike Tyson? Is that you?

OMG #22! I was supposed to stay anonymous!

But you dont have a lithp when you type. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE! *runs away crying*

I call my elephant shirty. He's so cute when be runs in my yard

yourmurderscenex 13

I liked shirty better. just picturing an elephant in a shirt makes my day.

I put a red shirt on my Grizzly bear and call him pooh.

I suppose you call all the children he eats "honey".

martin8337 35

Why would a bear be named after doo doo?

What I'm wonderinging is how she just "set" her.fully grown German shepard on his lap.

I'm not sure if 95 is being sarcastic, or had a poor childhood.

#96, he means she sent Puppy after him. As in, to chase and attack him.

95 is probally 11 or 12

Llama_Face89 33

96- I think this one went over your head...

Ouch. :/ My best friend's dad has a police officer dog. They bite HARD, and they can be vicious. That's terrible, it could have really sent you to the hospital

I had a police trained dog once! That little crazy bastard was the best.

#33 I don't always get pets but when I do I make sure that it is a crazy bastard police trained dog

Shit, if it was bad enough I'd press charges on that crazy bitch. Might sound harsh but he could have gotten hurt really bad over something as trivial as an argument...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Yeah but then "Puppy" would get put down just because his owners a fucking bitch. I'm all for getting her into some shit, but the dog did what it was told to do. It doesn't know any better, but she sure as hell does. Poor dog.,

This! A lot of dogs are unfortunately victims of owners thinking that the dog is their puppet and hence being out down when they themselves did nothing wrong.

Good point 81. She should face some sort of consequences but that'd be shitty to have the dog put down just for doin what it was trained to do. Op should definitely atleast break up with her

I hope she's your ex girlfriends now dude!

Normally those "dump her/him" comments grate on my nerves because of how quickly people jump to that decision, but I think this situation truly warrants it. Dump her, OP!

pwnman 33

Not only she is a bad girlfriend, it is needless to say that she is a bad dog owner.

And the poor dog doesn't know any better!

Very immature and dangerous!

shaww 28

Who let the dogs out?

Who who who who

His girlfriend

Wow. I always thought the chorus said "woof woof woof woof". No one ever corrected me. Damn it,

99- I'm sure that chorus was intentionally written to resemble woofing. Don't feel bad. :)

Who let the dogs out? She did. But seriously, there are laws, and that is assault.

Assault with a deadly weapon actually

Puppy attack dumb ass!! Good boy!!

IAlyssa used reply. It was super effective!

NotGabe 28

So did Puppy hump your leg into submission?

Looool best comment!

18- Isn't there a button for that?

For best comment/winning the Internet sadly no

And I need to teach my miniature schnauzer to sic people

A mini schnauzer is the first dog that ever bit me. All because I was playing with "his" kid. He thought I was trying to hurt the kid.

The first one that bit me was a bulldog. And it was in the balls. The sight of ripped shorts with blood on it is something nobody ever wants to see

Damn...coming from a girl..I hope you're not still with her ._.

And your gender is relevant why? Doesn't matter what gender you are, it's fairly common sense that no one should stay with someone who uses their dog to cause harm rather than verbally communicate their issues.

Obey_StudBoii 23

#10 Your comment is irrelevant.

martin8337 35

I agree.