By Anonymous - Canada - Saint-laurent
Today, after working the midnight shift at my job, I thought it would be nice to leave a sweet love note along with my boyfriend's favourite candy in his car. Upon finding it, he immediately broke up with me for "breaking into" his car. FML
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  rocketiquette  |  20

How is she a stalker? Did you miss the "girlfriend" part? Guess he didn't want you to see the other girls panties that she left.... Anyone that finds a sweet, considerate gesture an insult or flips shit over it needs to be left out in the rain. What is it with these people?!

  rockstar362  |  8

I think it depends how long they've been going out for. If it was a brand new relationship, I could see how the guy would be a little worried. Then again my ex was a stalker so I suppose I have a bias

  alycion  |  38

Maybe he has slight paranoia issues or just doesn't like people messing with his stuff. Maybe last time he found something in his car it was from the aliens.

  Seany_93  |  17

#72 any guy who acts like that a chick no matter what shes like deserves better. Unless shes done it 3 times before and he said not to or they fight way to much

  Palirose  |  22

It's just slang, I'm from northern California and I use the term often. Every part of the US has their own slang when speaking. I don't get why some people are hating on hella. (Note that recently I've been seeing many complain about it.)

  longchow  |  8

She totally deserves it! Now she can find a winner instead of a paranoid loser. She deserves a guy that will appreciate her kind gesture, and now she has a chance to find one :)

By  DocBastard  |  38

Your love was as vast as the Milky Way, but it's no big loss. You may be thinking you have Butterfingers for losing him, but you should be the one who Snickers since you're rid of that...that Whatchamacallit...right, that dick. You can have Mounds more fun without him.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

in·grate·ful (ngrtful)
An ungrateful person who has eaten candy they didn't deserve.
[From Middle English ingrat, ungrateful, from Old French, from Latin ingrtus : in-, not; see in-1 + grtus, pleasing, thankful; see gwer-2 in Indo-European roots.]