By katara - 02/07/2010 23:53 - United States

Today, I was relaxing on the couch after a long day with my annoying aunt when I heard my sister come in from the garage. I loudly asked, "Do you think Aunt Stacy knows everybody doesn't like her?" It wasn't my sister. It was my aunt returning my purse I had left in her car. FML
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all you had to say was you were joking around and you knew she was coming inside. gahh ydi for not being quick on your feet.


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If I was your aunt, I'd be all like, "Aye! Everyone thinks I'm awesome! So screw you guys, I'm going home."

joined your cult and learned your life lessons

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she probably beat the crap outta u

ydi for not coming with something fast like "I'm kidding, I saw you getting inside and decided to make a joke. we love u" done.

make sure next time if i was her i'd bitch slap the shit outta you

You totally deserved that. you shouldn't talk about people behind they're back.

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now shes gonna give you clothes every birthday haha

Yeah, it is rude to talk about people behind they are back....

Oops, you knew what I meant, grammer Nazi.

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Good thing I'm not also a spelling Nazi, or I'd point out how funny it is when people misspell "grammar".

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Remember that episode when I was a Nazi?

Barely, Cartman. Would you happen to know where to find episodes online? #115, yeah buttsex! *smokes cigarette* Was it good for you, #89?

Cartman, remember that Halloween episode when your mom made you racist costumes and people turned into zombies and the chef turned into a zombie and then they started dancing to thriller?


I see people cursing and dey comment doesn't get taking off and my to do list does WTF and if the to do list was up 108 would be the first one on it

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Someone had to tell her... would you mind breaking the news to my aunt?

total YDI, like 1 billion % but yea that kinda sucks...and did u not expect ur aunt to come back in the house lol?

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116- You can watch me on southparkstudios.com on the computer and spcentral.us on iPod/iPhone.

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YDI for bitching about your aunt.


when I first read this I thought it was the aunt who came back and said it. I was like wow no wonder

something like this happened to me where I said that my cousin put on a lot of weight... he was in the car, getting something from the trunk...

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this sounds embarrassing especially when my name is also stacy

"Today, I was leaving my sister's house. Upon entering my car, I noticed my niece had forgotten her purse. When I went to go back and return it, she called out, "Do you think Aunt Stacy knows that everybody doesn't like her?" I'm Aunt Stacy."

Just play it off like you were joking and you knew it was her. That's super awkward though!

uhh #5 i think u may have posted on rong fml

or number 5 has an aunt that no one likes either

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My aunt always gives me presents, like Cheezy Poofs and KFC.

oh yeah, well my aunt bought me a wii before it came out so I didn't have to wait like you.

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Hey!!! That's the owl's line!!!! Sheesh

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lol that's what you get for talking shit

haha, how unfortunate for you and your aunt

all you had to say was you were joking around and you knew she was coming inside. gahh ydi for not being quick on your feet.

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8, I was just gonna say that as well. though it might be hard to come up with that so fast, and make it convincing.

Also, it's possible their relationship isn't one where they would joke like that, so it would be obvious it was a cover up. My aunts are like that. I don't joke with them. Our relationship is very stuffy. So if I had done that and played it off as a joke, it would be so uncharacteristic, they wouldn't buy it.

are you one of the jerks that mods the comments and deletes all the funny ones too?

WTF they just moderated my last one they've never done it this much before it's ridiculous

wow Mattman, way to get yourself moderated three times in a row

well that was harsh how did you know it was your sister?! If your aunt came all the way to return your purse well I think she's ok. YDI