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Today, as part of a charity project called Operation Valentine, I worked with 150 other volunteers to make care packages and Valentine's Day cards to send to the troops in Afghanistan, thanking them for their courage. My boyfriend called the cards "cheating" and now refuses to see me. FML
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BlackBlazeCobra 16

Did you explain to him what they were though? If he still thinks that, then your boyfriend's a moron.


XxxAnitaxxX 14

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He'll get over it. No need to escalate things like that.

rogerdodgeroz 4

Yeah that's sad from all concerned I think

guckylynn 19

There's no need to assault him and possibly get arrested by punching him. He was probably just looking for an excuse to get rid of her in the first place. Or he could just be that insecure.

it could also be that he just a complete idiot and thought that his girlfriend was sending other guys Valentines cards just to send them. Not to do something, even as small as this, to thank our brave troops for all of the hard work and sacrafice they go through to make the world a safer place. Don't worry OP. you did something that will make a lot of people remember just how loved they are back home, and that we are thinking of them still, and I think knowing that is the best gift we can give the brave service men and women and if your boyfriend cant see how good of a person you are for that, im sure a soldier would love to be your pen pal. I salute all those in the service, you are braver than me.

Haha wtf? That's a pretty ridiculous reason to punch someone. Sure, I'd be pissed off and it would make me question the relationship, but I wouldn't be like "EYY YA ****** DICK EAD *SMACK*"... that's just stupid.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Did you explain to him what they were though? If he still thinks that, then your boyfriend's a moron.

Maybe he was just looking for any excuse to get out of the relationship, either way OP it sounds like you're better off..

Eliseopwns 22

Friendly care package inbound.

I agree he's extremely insecure and most likely has some trust issues. Op when your boyfriend is ready to talk you guys needs to have a conversation about that. If he can't trust you with something as innocent as that then it can easily escalate to mistrust with everything. So is there a grounds for his jealousy or is this just irrational?

I hate to jump to the "dump him" camp, but I'd be seriously questioning whether having a relationship with someone who doesn't trust me is worth it. Especially if he thinks something as harmless as giving gifts to the soldiers in Afghanistan counts as cheating. More serious problems could arise later on in the relationship.

Geez he needs to grow up. Anyway you're better off him OP.

I know it's a typo but it still reads like a mafia hit. The boyfriend, eh... He has to go.

He kind of sounds like a dick. Especially in comparison to the heroes you were helping :/ tell him to grow up or go away!

Well it'd be one thing if you were slippin nudes in there or something but just thank you's c'mon.. This dude needs to get real

Edo369 8

Please explain to me how that is being overly attached.

You know what they say about people who accuse their spouse of cheatung with no reason. They're probably cheating themselves.

On one hand I agree, it is kind of irrational for him to assume but maybe she's given him reason to in the past? I don't think we'll ever know if OP has given him a reason for suspicion!