By Anonymous - 21/10/2014 15:49 - United States - Bedford

Today, I was woken up by my dog touching my foot, so I tried to push it away. Then I realized that I'd kicked my girlfriend in the face. FML
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When you tickle someone you have to be prepared for the consequences...


A better question is, why was your girlfriend's face that close to your foot?

They might have fallen asleep after going at it 69 style ;)

no I would rather know why OP is ok with kicking his dog but not ok with kicking a human. . .

I sometimes use my foot to push away my dog. Not in a harmful way. Though, I am pretty sure he didn't suspect his gf to be down there...

man_in_black08 28

Takes doggy style in the bedroom to a whole new level :P

And this comment takes bad jokes to a whole new level...

Man you are probably gonna be in the doghouse with that one.

OP, play dead. She has to stop asking questions and leave eventually. Right?!? Nah, but really. Act like you're asleep. People do the weirdest shit when they're asleep, it's the perfect excuse!

I'm just wondering why her face was right by your foot. If she was trying to tickle you while you were sleeping I don't know why she thought that would be a good idea ...I'm probably not alone in just getting angry when I get tickled :p

I absolutely hate being tickled. My wife likes to torture me with it. I almost broke her finger before. It wasn't a good scenario, yet she continues to do it because it's "funny".

PoisonOrchid 21

I think you're probably exaggerating quite a bit #32.

tony1891 22

pretty sure ops girlfriend ended up putting ice on her bruise. whilst op didn't get no nookie.... Probably for a while at least