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Today, we started our 17 hour drive to Michigan for spring break. My mom decided to go to Target to buy some music CDs. All she bought was three Nicki Minaj CDs. She has already replayed the first CD four times. 14 hours to go. FML
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Hey it could be could have been Justin Bieber

PandaKitteh 20


Hey it could be could have been Justin Bieber

PandaKitteh 20

I think they're about the same terribleness :P (not trying to offend anyone)

Nope I'm pretty sure Nikki manaj is the worst you can get.

Tell that woman to hook you up with some Beethoven!

Oh hah I missed this comment somehow before I posted mine! Anyway yes road trips turn into homicides when beiber music is played too much.

can you please stop making Justin Bieber jokes already I don't even like his music but this shit is lame and stale and it's been done to death

While I agree Bieber jokes are over used they're not quite at the level of "Shitty Situation" jokes and even farther from the "doesn't matter had sex" jokes. Give it time and they'll die out one day

Just wait until it get up to "Beauty and the Beat" it's Nicki Minaj AND Justin Beiber! Maybe your mum thought she was being cool?

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Don't come to Michigan.. It's cold and snowy here in Detroit

I can't believe there's been no nickelback references. Is it just me who hates them?

Pyro_Wolf 17

Nickelback isn't even that bad of a band...

That's debatable. They are both atrocious.

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but on the bright side about Nicki, heard she wants to move to England. Yay, one idiot out of America!

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First mistake was going to Michigan for spring break.

Well 91, they kind of are bad now. They used to make some pretty nifty tunes but they just sorta sold out and started making bullshit that got really old really fast. They're older music though? Me gusta.

22 - LIVE Beethoven! Man, his European tour back in 1786... Simply outstanding!

137 u r messed up and way behind the current

then000bster 16

@100 first mistake? The first mistake was bringing their mom.

I'd take Justin Beiber over Nikki Minaj any day. At least he can sing and his music has a melody. Plus the lyrics, while stupid, at least don't advocate drinking all your money away and defaulting on your rent, which is far dumber than repeating "oooooh, baby, baby" in an obnoxiousness amplifying falsetto.

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although it could have been Justin bieber, nicki Minaj is scary as ****. I'm 20 years old and she still gives me nightmares.

151. WTF. Please tell me you know that 137 didn't go to a live Beethoven showing.

Interwebzombie 15

@93 They'll kick her out like they kicked Justin Bieber out.

why go to target for music in the first place.. What did you honestly expect.. Next time get an aux cord and a smart phone with data and youtube.. If you don't have one already..

Yes because we all have a smart phone with and internet plan and money for that.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You don't need Internet on your phone to play music. Just putting that out there.

There are some really cheap plans out there.. Also they could use songs from an ipod or mp3 player.. Not limited to smart phones.. For youtube directly you need net..

While lil was a bit out there with the smartphone comment, an MP3 player for twenty bucks would still produce the same effect. Edit: lil wrote their addendum while I was writing this.

Plus the cost of the songs... Not everyone has the $$$ to buy it all at once.

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43 i just facepalmed if you bought the cd why exactly could you buy the song for an mp3?

46- I would hope one wouldn't... I was merely adding to above replies to this response. If you take your hand away from your face, it's much easier to read things...

You can get songs for free.. It's not hard at all.. There are certain sites that'll give you the mp3 from youtube..

Yeah, which is illegal. No matter how many people do it, it's best not to blatantly state on the Internet that you do and raise eyebrows.

I never actually said I do it.. I left room for deniability.. Which I do have until other wise stated..

Lionesse 15

#64 I think the Feds have bigger fish to fry than to try to track every single individual who "blatantly" state they illegally download music. They put the threat out there but we all know they do not have the time to track down everyone. Now if you are a creator of an illegal website, they'll go after you because.. Well you are the bigger fish. When the United States isn't filled with high profile criminals then I'm sure they'll shift their attention to catching everyone who downloads music illegally.. And if that happens 99.9% of us are gonna get it.

They'll have no space in the jails, cause literally millions of people would be filling up space.

This would be a fined crime, not likely jail time. And I shit you not, my freshman college roomate got a letter from the government warning her about pirating music and movies.

124 You never download that shit on campus.. The I.T. staff usually watches for that and report people..

136, you can buy transmitters for ipod and mp3s and stuff like that for about $20 that plug into any headphone jack and play over the radio

NotGabe 28

Do you.. Have asthma.. Or something..

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In accordance with your profile text, i'd like to correct your spelling. A hoe is a farming tool.

PandaKitteh 20

*I'd. lol, I'm totally kidding. But tell that to Niki Minaj, not me ;3

Well you didn't understand her reference to the song. You are a lucky sob to have never heard it before.

Hopefully the car isn't equipped with super bass.

All hoes are stupid. Inanimate object, no brain... They're at the mercy of the gardner.

I'm so so sorry:( I hope she at least pays for the extensive therapy you will need :/

More than therapy OP will need a mental ward with a padded room by the time the drive is over. I shudder to think of Superbass, starships, and whatever that newer one is called bein played for 14 hours straight

My 12 hour drive to Missouri there and back consisted of my uncle listening to the most detailed account of Daniel Boones life you could ever here. Read by the most monotone voice ever. I swear I heard the same story 20 times. Glad I at least had pandora when I had signal.

Why go to Michigan for Spring Break? It's freezing here.

Probably to see family. Not everyone goes to Tijuana and gets sh!tfaced for spring break.

20 - I'm not memorizing the rules regarding acceptable language for every website I comment on; it's far easier to just change a letter or two here and there.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#32 he wasn't correcting you in anyway. It was a joke, which made me laugh.

#6 i live in michigan and the only time i get cold is if its 10 degrees outside

Toss 'em in the garbage when she stops to go to the bathroom! Another 14 hours of endless Nicki Minaj will certainly drive you insane!!

Success4444 12

That's why God invented ear plugs and sleep.

I wouldn't dream your situation on my worst enemy! :( Good luck op!

Nicki Minaj, really? I'm not a fan at all, no offense to anyone that is. I've always thought her music was bad. Feel sorry for you OP.

Keerow 3

no one with any taste in music, people, fashion, class, rhetoric, or general pleasantness likes that "thing" for any reason...

don't go to Michigan it's 10 degrees here! at least nicki will heat it up a bit in there.

tatsumahyuu 5

Ahh the crap weather we know for michigan -_-

Its funny how you Americans think that 10 degrees is "freezing". Up in canada, we have had days where it has been -50.

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That's just horrible. My gosh, why does she have to sing? And just tell me. WHY IS NICKI MINAJ A JUDGE ON AMERICAN IDOL? Every time she says something, it sounds like she's whining.

Asking why nicki manaj sings is like asking why satan is bad, there really is no way to explain it

I'm not a fan of her music, but it doesn't exactly take a genius to judge whether or not someone can sing. It's fairly easy to determine if someone sounds like a dying cat.

So really she would be the best to judge, because she sounds like a dying cat.

It could have been much much worse. Imagine if she decided to buy Justin beiber albums instead. I say count your blessings.

alphatoomega 21

Not THAT much worse. They both really suck.

The call me maybe girl and Nikki Minaj are on the same level of suck but bieber and Taylor swift are prett much the worst out there right now. Sorry her nasally voice makes me want to pierce my eardrums with a whamo air gun.