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By RYZILLAHitZ - 30/06/2011 01:32 - United States

Today, as I was walking home from work, my dad drove past, pulled over, rolled down the window and asked, "Are you tired of walking?" To which I replied "Yes!" Just as I reached for the car door, he yelled "RUN A WHILE" and sped off. FML
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That's when you slash his tires and leave a note saying "Are you tired of driving?"


adropofpeace 8

I'd be so mad. Your dad sucks.

yummayy_ 11

Thats how my grandma met my grandpa! No joke. Ha :D

yummayy_ 11

18 I love your picture. That is my favorite cartoon ever!! =)

PushMyButtons 5

Here let me correct that for you. "Fun dad. You got their lol." There we go.

yummayy_ 11

Hey my comment got deleted along with 1's! That is how my grandma met my grandpa. No joke :)

yummayy_ 11

Where did my f*ckin comment go?!

adropofpeace 8

And then it started to rain right? I mean, that's what would happen in the movies...

I bet it did start to rain =] and it's there not their...

#41 Let me fix that for you. Fun dad you got there, lol.

Your dad is very wise. Walking can get boring. If I could run everywhere I went and not look like a dumbass and/or get sweaty, the world would be a better place. :D Getcherself sum excorcise. >;D

They're they're, everythings gonna bee okay! just take a deep breath and relax. their only small mistakes, who cares about grammer now that theirs tv spelling doesn't matter. It's there choice and if their gonna do it, let em. :D

#72 let me help you out. dad you fun there got, lol.

AaronTkr 0

#91, let me correct that for you. shut the **** up.

86- Your comment just raped my mind. I am so confused now.

it's closed. like when you close a door, you know? nothing is wrong with the door, it's just not open at the moment? like that

But something is wrong with you pointing to your nipple...

let me fix that for you... fun dad. you. got their! lol

KingGeorgeGal 12
kinder10_fml 0

well 41 since you are a douche bag grammar **** it would actually be. "that's a fun dad you have there." but last time I checked this isn't English class so stfu

macman23 4

exactly. not English class I don't get why every one is making it seem like it is

He's just trying to get you some exercise. I wish I had a dad like that! YDI for being disgraceful.

I find it funny when people try to correct other peoples responses and they fail miserably

"Today, I just wrote an excessively long speech in FML about why it people should at least try to stop making grammatical errors on the site. Feeling proud of myself after finishing up, I realized I had accidentally pressed the "Cancel" button. FML."

you didn't he correct it right you ass wipe. it's there...

MissMittens 0

marinus is getting buffer everytime he changes his picture ;)

yummayy_ 11

Hmm don't know why it posted twice. My baddd :)

man that sucks i hope he makes it up to you

MarkFeehily 0
IndiRae 9

If I got a car for every time my dad pulled a dick move like this, my last name would be Ford.

PushMyButtons 5

42. I laughed so hard, I might have actually LOL'ed in the process

crackiebob 0

#47 If you got a shitty car for every time your dad pulled a dick move, THEN your name would be Ford.

IndiRae 9

seriously fords suck... so do Chevys tho... gotta be Audi or benz for me.

Does anybody else who's using the FML app notice it's hard to scroll up and down? it's delayed or something... Or maybe it's just me?

yummayy_ 11
IndiRae 9
yummayy_ 11

Why are all the ******* comments being deleted

IndiRae 9

Cause they're not on topic xD

yummayy_ 11

Well its pissing me off! Delete this comment. I DARE YOU!

igotnolegs 1

This is definitely troll dad :P

aaron1407 3

Dnt be fat and u wont have to walk

IndiRae 9

Don't be fat and you won't have to walk? what the **** kind of logic is that? I'm thin and walk? So is my neighbor, and people on the sidewalk, and every other 'not fat' person. Where the hell do you live that all the thin people run to reach their destination?

PSQ91 6

That was joke, right. You're funny.

chaoticnh 0

are you a fatass that drives?

Lumenoire 0

You heard the man, so GET GOING!