By lovelikewoe - 11/07/2010 01:00 - United States

Today, I made my mom a mix CD for her car. It took me ages to find just the right songs that would be perfect for her. When I played it for her in the car, she took it out and threw it out of the window. FML
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Stop trying to be nice to your mother until she appreciates this kind of shit. Then move out. The end.

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yay I was actually first sorry bout bad spelling I wanted first butnop yes indeed fyl

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shows how much your mom cares

I'm going to reply tithe first comment so everyone sees this and calls me a douchebag!

should have put Scatman on... then she would have sex with you

that's exactly what I was thinking, your mom must be a bitch or you just happened to have chosen her absolute least favorite music.... even so I don't understand why she had to trow it out the window. fyl

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My moms done tht before with a cd by the Game. :(!!!!

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I guess you learned that the Jonas bros suck today

I'd throw a cd from the game out the window too if my child put it on while I was driving. One must respect the driver and their taste in music.

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My mom is too Indian. She doesn't understand The Game. :D !

Shoulda thrown her out after it Ignorant beyotch

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If it was county music, then you absolutely deserve it.

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but the music would still be on your computer and cd's aren't that expensive

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well what did you expect after putting Justin bieber songs on there?

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I'm making a cd for my mom to. if she does this to mine I will slap her sideways

haha i made my mom a CD last week too, she didn't like the songs but she atleast kept it :)

34 - I agree...How shelfish & ignorant of her! Although, sounds like something MY mom would do...I know...sad...

Guess you didn't know which songs were actually "perfect" for her

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iicaptain, you have beautiful dogs. On a leeetle side note actually pertaining to the fml; my mom does not like me changing her music in the car >_< I like to sneak CDs in there before she gets in tho haha

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if she is a bitch like tht don't do anything nice for her (:

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ahahahaha Today I found out my daughter listens to horrible music. After i threw her awful mix cd out the car window, I got pulled over for litering. fml.

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awww i did that for my mom too but she ended up listening to npr anyway.... but at least she didnt throw it out the window ha

It shows he did not know what his mother likes. And his mother is like a heartless bitch.

Nice.... u can't just think that u can find a perfect song to someone... next time be smart and ask her what songs she would like to have in a CD

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Stop trying to be nice to your mother until she appreciates this kind of shit. Then move out. The end.

YDI for probably not having Neutral Milk Hotel on your driving jams

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It simply proves that the OP isn't a pretentious asshole. No awesome people listen to NMH.

Well, darling, now you know not to make nor buy nice things for your mother in the future. Apparently she doesn't care.

Yeah, that, or just throw her out the window.