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  lolmigosh  |  15

Actually believe it or not there are a few songs by her such as 'Save Me' 'Marilyn Monroe' 'Young Forever' and a few others that could be somewhat appropriate for a funeral or something similar. That's my opinion anyways, you guys can look them up and decide for yourselves.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

In my opinion the decision on whether she would be funeral appropriate music would be decided by whether or not that was what the deceased listened to. I mean funerals and memorials are supposed to be about honoring the person who has died, therefore I feel it would be inappropriate to play any music the deceased would not have listened to themselves. If they wouldn't want to hear it while alive, they wouldn't want to hear it at their funeral.

  lolmigosh  |  15

Everyone is quick to say that she is the worst thing to come to music but she does have a few songs that I would not consider horrible. I'm not saying she's a good musician but not all of her songs are terrible, contrary to popular belief.

By  dasquezar  |  3

Well, hopefully you've taught her enough morals that she knows that music wouldn't be appropriate for a funeral... unless the deceased also REALLY liked Nicki Minaj

  tsent8  |  15

If the deceased really liked Nikki Minaj she probably died of chronic teen girl syndrome. Ctgs victims often experience the uncontrollable urge to post pictures of the same thing In 52 different filters they have also been known to bitch about how bad their life is much to the disappointment of others. The deceased is in a better place now.

By  eksyneet  |  23

has Minaj made your daughter dumb enough to completely forget that there's other music out there, more appropriate for a funeral? if no, you have nothing to worry about. if yes, I'm sorry but you failed as a parent.

  ajeppsen  |  25

So you're telling me "You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe, yeah, you a, you a stupid hoe" Is wonderful? How the hell is she even alive when all she rape about is money while rappers that actually rapped about real life (2pac & Biggie) are dead? WTF assassins?

  eksyneet  |  23

#108, although I agree with your point, I must point out that verbs "to rape" and "to rap" carry dramatically different meanings.

  nightwindelf  |  1

@114 - Generally, yes. "Rap" and "rape" typically have to dramatically different meanings. But I think in the case of Minaj, the two words can carry a similar definition. For example, "When Nicki Minaj raps, she rapes my ears"

By  HowieDoIt  |  21

Between Nicki Minaj and Nickelback, I'm surprised I haven't keeled over from overexposure to pure crap. If she uses that music for the funeral, odds are you'll be dealing with a sudden epidemic.

  s15c  |  9

49- Who mentioned the Black Keys? And yeah, they're a step up from utter garbage. Are they good/fantastic? Depends on your opinion.

  bamagrl410  |  31

I've never heard of someone being "selected" to choose music for a funeral. Especially a young child. Usually whoever is taking care of the arrangements picks something, and if they don't have anything in mind the funeral home offers suggestions.