tipsyone tells us more.

OP here: this is not the first time she’s done this! I’ve talked about this two years ago and how I find it incredibly boring to listen to the same songs three months!! Of course the others don’t mind since they’re afraid of conflicts plus I’m the one with the office very close to hers!

ChromoTec tells us more.

Hey, OP here. I couldn't fit everything inside the 300-character limit, so I'll just explain it here. She says we don't have the money to go, which currently we don't, but she refused all of my fundraising ideas and made me take down my GoFundMe page, and since she doesn't let me get a job either, I'm stuck with no way to pay for it. I've tried again and again to get her to let me go, but she won't let me. I want to live in Japan as an adult, and this trip might be the only chance I'll get before making that decision. She also says she's concerned about my "safety," although we have 24/7 support, a bilingual tour guide with us at all times, and one adult chaperone per six students. I really cannot convince her otherwise, so I guess I just can't go. It was nice getting all of your supportive comments, and I look forward to being able to go as an adult.