Road trip

By fmmlll - 18/10/2010 08:56 - United States

Today, I'm going on an 8-hour drive with my insane family. This usually means screaming arguments, graphic conversations about my dad's pubes, some karaoke, plenty of farting, some stale Pringles, and an obese golden retriever on my lap the entire time. Arizona, here we come. FML
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BassGirl 5

Fat ass dog ftw!

needleinmypants_fml 3

well you can't bond more than discussing old pubes!


BassGirl 5

Fat ass dog ftw!

caelrion 1


Sounds fun !!

MissErikaHart 0

maybe u will hear the story about ur dad trimming his pubes and talking to the electric razor

Ill see you in arizona?? :D

zakkyzebra 11

drive naked. people usually stop everything they are doing. how do I know? I'm level 99 in awkwardness

MagicGiraffe 12

you must live in the north part of California...

colts609380 7


There is nothing "win" about obesity, especially in animals. It leads to extremely serious health issues just like in humans. Tbh I say f the dog's life on this one for irresponsible pet owners.

needleinmypants_fml 3

well you can't bond more than discussing old pubes!

haha I feel ur pain this sounds like my family

Mine too, number 3.

lilmisslovely13 15

Those are my family's dinner conversations

Sounds like my trips, just your mom doesn't play air guitar while driving 90 mph..... have fun ;)

my dad plays air drums, often using the break pedal as the bass drum in traffic queues... I get car sick

trueblue42 4

your family sounds awful..... fyl

kayiscoolllll 6

her family sounds wonderful! at least they want to spend time as a family!

exactly. roadtrips with my family consist of awkward silences and crying over bathroom breaks my dad wouldn't pull over for.

110 - I wish my family would actually bond with me..

finallyfreemaria 0

lol FML? not really? at least you have a family.

Maria knows what's up.

franswa22 0

there is no way you are only 20

_Vamp_ 9

I laughed so hard at this. This reminds me of my family trips minus the obese dog and daddy pube convo.

same here!! instead it's 3 cats!!!

perdix 29

Buy some fresh Pringles, you cheapskate! The rest of it sounds awesome!

Ahahaha you made me laugh :)

be glad that you have a family and they take you on trips

HAHAHA. WTF is up with the pubes?!