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Today, I had a 10 hour drive to Las Vegas with only 2 CDs, Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz, and my girlfriend who thinks she's a good singer. FML
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Be grateful you're lucky enough to even /have/ a girlfriend . it's tough to find one for the rest of us


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agreed. it's much better than listening to the same songs over

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But isn't the radio just Swift and Mraz over and over again too? maybe a Ke$ha song thrown in for good measure.... ugh.

i no tha feeling considering tha fact tht I'm tha singer n my boy fren is tha complainer lol

Don't lie... You were totally singing along with her lol.

agreed with #1. just suck it up. be a man about it. OR TURN ON THE RADIO BETTER YET.

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make her suck your wiener while you drive like in crank

no! listen to the CDs! mraz has AT LEAST 3 good songs and t swizzle has at least 7 sarcasm, but they do have some really quite good songs, but only 2 CDs? really? ydi for not thinking ahead and the radio SUCKS turn the radio off (anyone get that? if you listen to the radio, probly not)

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Seriously. Unless the radio is broken. But.. That must've been torture. Taylor Swift sucks. Jason Mraz... he's okay. Except "I'm Yours" makes me want to cut off my ears.

there are better things your girlfriends mouth can do then singing on a 10 hr. drive....

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well the radio doesn't work on the trip to Vegas because you're just driving through desert. it's only works when you're getting close to cities on the way

What #1 said. or get a new girlfriend.

@139, I got it. Reel Big Fish are awesome. Ska in general kicks butt. I applaud your taste in music!

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damn op I fell sorry for you all of Taylor songs not only suck the also all sound the same

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that's why they have a little thing called radio

this situation exactly is why god invented weed

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191- FINNALLY! im not the only one!!!! dont worry, just get stoned bro!

jason mraz isnt bad but, oh gawd taylor swift, ugh that would suck! she couldnt sing good to save her life. js

sarcdude 3

Be grateful you're lucky enough to even /have/ a girlfriend . it's tough to find one for the rest of us

Agree with srcdude... Good girlfriends are hard to come by...waiting years to finally meet one worth dating. But regardless, why are you dumb enough to drive 10 hours with only 2 cd's? Why not stop at a Wal mart or other shit hole like that and buy a couple more? Hell even gas stations have cheap cd's now.

lol thats exactly what I was going to say. There has to be a walmart somewhere.

hahaha that's funny! but that sucks!!! sorry dude!

But it says youre in France? If u drove Las Vegas today, how did you make it to France so fast. Fake.

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No, thats just the defualt when you don't put a location.

I was gonna call fake if I didn't see another post. haha, good to know.

I still don't get why people have to call fake anyway...

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That DOES clarify a lot! I was wondering why there were so many FML's from some random region in France. Makes much more sense now.

Just because it says "today" doesn't mean it happened "today", thus you see stories about beach/pool from the people in U.S. in the middle of winter

Tell your girlfriend you are gonna let her finish but then interrupt her anyway.

2:1 odds that you give up after an hour, stop the car and leave. 10:1 odds that you crash your car on purpose, into a tree. 25:2 odds that you make it the whole way, but commit suicide at Las Vegas. 3:1 odds that you buy earplugs and enjoy your holiday.

2:1 odds that the OP will intentionally run over a transvestite prostitute and/or an Elvis impersonator out of rage.

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I'd bet on the crashing into a tree on purpose... but first he should discreetly disable the passenger airbag and unbuckle her seatbelt right before the collision. :)

Two words, Talk Radio. She won't sing and eventually understand your love of guns and the missionary position.

"Talk dirty to me, baby." "Okay. I want to have sexual intercourse in the missionary position with your consent."

BSR you are going to have to get one of the lovely ladies to jump in here on that one... Homie don't play dat!

If you haven't noticed already, I just say whatever comes to mind and I am mostly referencing a movie, show, musical lyric, or a quote I heard in another forum (hence the quotation marks on some of my posts, including my previous one). In this case, I would hope a lady would step in here because if I have to do anything like this with CallMeHush because of my previous post, I will be a very sad panda. (co-worker says in the background, "Tell him he has nice eyes.") Um... you have nice eyes?

Tell Co-worker they are actually blue but for some reason it wasn't properly captured in this picture. As for the other thing... well, you just don't even want to see the image I had in my mind, lets just say someone had their ankles pinned up behind their ears like Bugs Bunny.

First, this is hilarious. I feel for the guy and can picture getting in a situation like this. Anyone ever see "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds where the chick always plays the same song "forgiveness" on her guitar. Hilarious. Second. To the depressing guys replying. Dont respond with your own depressing stories. No one cares that youre lame and rub one out every night at your computer desk instead of being more outgoing and talking to other women. Third. Why does everyone always have to have some ****** solution and bad mouth the OP like theyre solving the world's problems or reinventing the wheel. "every hear of the radio, stupidd!!!??".....Yes, im sure he used the radio assholes. But when traveling in the middle of the desert, you probably dont have the best radio stations....just shut up and enjoy someone else's misery!!! Peace BITCHES!! IM THE JUGGERNAUT BIIITTTCHHH!!

Sorry, you don't want comments from lonely guys who 'rub one out' every night? Get the **** off the internet then, 'Juggernaut'. Also you're lame. Also also Taylor Swift is awesome and if me and my girlfriend got to take a ten hour car drive together, I wouldn't give a crap if she... did something that was an extreme example of an annoying habit that I'm too lazy to come up with. Hell, I'd love it if she sang the entire time, even if she was the worst singer in the world. Though I realize this is just one of those FMLs where it wasn't a horrible thing, but a funny little story.

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Foorrggiiiveeennesssssss, is more than sayingg sorry!! To forgive is DE-vine, so let's have a glass of wine!!

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and juggernaut FYL if you even have a life because you have the time to write such a long dumbass message.

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1 for Just Friends reference. Best. Movie. Ever. " forgive is devine, so let's have a glass of wine, and have make-up sex 'til the end of time..."