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That sucks How does she deserve it? Assholes


Don't pity her. Who makes out with people they don't even know anyway? She deserved it.

Well, since neither of you knew each other like the last person said, you should have just said, everyone else at the party said he was the worst kisser, and you just wanted to see if it was true; it was.

look it's the stupid scene girl again!

wow, you just replied to the 1st comment to be on top of the page. asshole

You got invited to a PARTY!?

dont be jelous just cause no one would make out w/ you annamaree.


woww....anamaree...get a life. people hook up at parties, 'specially teens. it's just cutting loose and having fun. and to the OP; aww (*gives you a huge hug*) i'm assuming you're a teen because this sounds exactly like situations i hear people complain about who are my age and i'm a teen. and guess what? you're face is probably absolutely gorgeous and you're probably really skinny. you know why i think that? because i'm guessing that guy (i'm NOT SAYING ALL GUYS THINK LIKE THIS!!! i'm saying the type of guy he sounds like would think this) said what he did because your boobs were not the biggest, not that you were the ugliest. trust me;; i have experience with that temporarily being flat chested myself. it's a fact of life, don't let the idiot get you down, know you are absolutely gorgeous, and keep you head held high :D

She didn't specify that she made out with him, so don't jump to conclusions like a arrogant bitch.

She didn't deserve it! and how do u know that she didn't know him?

maybe the room was filled with a bunch of really really really really really really really ridiculously good looking people.

That sucks How does she deserve it? Assholes

Well, some people double click FYL, and they accidentally click YDI. I know I have

Something you guys have to understand is that people who click YDI when the person obviously doesn't deserve it, and who say obnoxious things in comments, are just trolls. Most of the time they don't even believe the stuff they say, or care about the topic, they just want a reaction, they just like pissing people off. Best way to deal with trolls is not give them the satisfaction. Anyway, OP, I'm sorry that happened to you. Kids can be really cruel. Maybe you should reconsider your group of friends, find some people who accept you and aren't so judgmental and petty. Don't let brats like that damage your self-esteem.

The amount of irony on this page is great, because a troll is right below this comment and there are about 20 replies to it... Anyway, I did click YDI along with FYL. Why? Because she shouldn't have kissed that guy. I mean, really, some random douche walks up to her and asks for a kiss and she does it? Come on, use some sense, OP.

Misclick sorry :)

Ohh that sucks. FYL

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wtf. go fall in a ditch asshole

Janderson, what happened? You used to be so pro-feminism...

Wow. you fucking asshole. I hope someday you have a woman that cooks for you, ends up giving you food poisoning-making you throw up- and making you have to clean it up.

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what the hell you again, what happened to you? stop being sexist or i will make you eat your own testicles

how can females "get ahead" by "staying in their place at home"? that was awfully ignorant of you. and i would hope that they wouldn't need a "strong man to take care of them." i hope your future wife is a sadist.

wait how is she going to learn to give bjs if she cant go out to parties and meet guys? and guys dont bother insulting him he obviously does this for the reactions yes he is a sexist douche bag but you dont need to say that everyone knows.

you're an asshole.


Folks, jandersoniii is a jackass with too much spare time. He/ she comes to this website to piss people off. Stop responding to it, and the jackass will knock it off.

if a woman should be "trying to get ahead in society" then there's no way her place in the home. I hope you realise this is the 21st century where woman have as equal rights as men do. Just because men have a dick and some balls isnt a reason that men shouldnt be "in the home".

if there's anything i've learned during my short time here on earth, it's this: no one, whether man, woman, child, or beast, will EVER get ahead in life by letting someone or something else control their thoughts and actions.

Jandersoniii, I'm not sure I agree with this "women in the home"-thing you speak of. But, everyone, calm down because there is some truth in what he is saying. Women should perfect their blow job skills, it is an invaluable tool in the female arsenal both inside and outside the home. I know every time I blow my wad in a woman's mouth, at that moment, I yank her by the hair and I am definitely thinking diamonds, promotion, new car, $$$$.

guys its a troll, she wants harsh reactions. stop , and she will also.

your obviously either from a foreign country or just a douche bag, actually in your case probably both. At least women are good for something, men like you make the whole male popularity look horrible. I hope when a women givs you a bj she bites it off!! Lorainna Bobbit style! OP FYL!

Guys relax's a troll. He probably refreshed the FML 507 times just to click YDI., Simplyapril (can I just call you April), when you are released from whatever in-patient facility you're living in the realities of this world will become apparent. For every hour a woman spends behind the wheel of a new Mercedes, she spent at least 1 minute on her knees with some guys cock in her mouth!

Ummmm, I Didn't suck any cock for my Mercedes.... =) I'm Sorry to jack up the theory!

Don't pay attention to him, eventually he'll find something else to occupy his tiny mind.

Holy shit look at all the dumbasses. You're all obviously new to the internet, as it's common knowledge about the "Act like it's the 40's" meme.

Man, all the angry women should really just shut up and get back into the kitchen.

LOL TROLL DETECTED. Besides, a party with no women to fuck? I think somebody is gaaay.

why dont you get up off your lazy ass and make your own food you douche.

Wow jandersoniii. Either you are bi-polar or a really rude transexual because you were a completely idiotic feminist last month. Get over yourself and stop looking for attention! I realize that the only way you can get people to communicate with you is over the Internet but that doesn't mean you have to waste all of our time by having us read your fucktarded opinions.

again, you are still a worthless asshole. Women can do whatever they want. Besides, I am not about to go learn how to 'give a bj' because i'm a lesbian :D i like pussy! ahahaha

hahahaha! im a girl and i still thought jandersons comment was hilarious, loosen up!

No one ever seems to read signs when walking into the zoo, nowadays. Do not feed the godamn fail trolls! (Also, to the fail troll himself: You do realize that this would mean we'd be going to parties that have nothing but men in them, right?)

HAHAHAHA #20. quite possibly funniest comment I've ever read on this site.

funny part is b4 his comment someone said something about not giving people like this any attention and yet there are 20 comments about a douch 2 comments after

Don't feed the troll!

yes, you deserve a medal for completing your get as many replies to your comment as possible. congrats. want a fucking cookie?

Am I the only one completely confused over the wording of this FML? Oh. And OP, just say you were drunk.

The guy that kissed her was dared to kiss the ugliest girl in the room, he kissed her, so he thinks that shes was the ugliest person there

Oh yeah. I get it. Sorry, I read it wrong first time round. Oh and Jandersoniii, go fuck yourself.

Dont' worry about it, you'll blossom.

Aww. ): it could be worse. He could've like, turned you down... idk. FYL though. );

Kick their asses!!! That was mean.

must have been a party with a bunch of hot chicks